My Stunited UK internship experience


My Stunited UK internship experience

“I was intrigued by the family culture at Stunited UK, and I made up my mind only after speaking to some of my Northampton seniors who had gone earlier through the Stunited UK summer internship programme. As Stunited UK is the largest social media platform for higher education students network in the world, I felt that an internship at Stunited UK is likely to be challenging, and also for a fact, that it is a social enterprise in UK. STUNITED UK was a great platform for me to learn how startups work, SMEs in UK work, social networking gamification works. I am fortunate to gain deeper insights into the Stunited UK sector, as I studied about the company in my Northampton University hostel, prepared internship CV, practiced internship interviews before appearing for the final round. Stunited UK is also known for its focus on diversity employment, as well as career development programmes which I believe is one of its kind in UK, as they offer and encourage wider inhouse and online learning opportunities for the UK interns.

I was interning at the digital marketing department of STUNITED UK, during which I was assigned to Founder CEO Mr M Mukherjee. We had to deep interaction about the strategy and campaign for STUNTIED UK before getting selected for UK Internship in Northampton. I found the one to one chat with Founder Owner to be an eye opener, as to how we linked the problems, issues, context and Stunited as a product in UK. We jointly identified couple of major engagements and had the opportunity to put forward my ideas and knowledge into practice. I managed to perform actual digital audit for STUNITED UK and also conduct the procedures for the clients. I am lucky as I realised internship in large UK companies would not have given me this opportunity of empowerment, decision making, one to one with CEO. My job scope in the social enterprise was expansive, as it offered my freedom and also flexibility. It included the handling of real digital accounts of Stunited UK and perform those digital marketing tasks which are normally assigned to full-time digital marketing specialist. I feel that Stunited UK work experience during internship, was an enriching experience, the people, culture and tasks all of which are a part of Stunited UK’s summer internship programme. Fortunately, I got to learn a lot of technical knowledge in social CRM and gained valuable hands-on digital audit experience through my internship engagements. I also had the chance to participate in numerous events within Stunited UK, to bond and forge friendships with other interns from different UK universities working on other internship job descriptions .”

What I like about my internship experience in Stunited UK

“I like how interns are treated in Stunited UK Northampton, just like full-time employees, and was assigned work desk, live project tasks which are crucial, meaningful and beneficial to my internship  engagements. It felt great to be a part of the digital audit engagement team for Stunited UK targeting the Higher education sector in UK! The most memorable part of my Stunited UK internship in Northampton, was when my engagement team completed digital marketing campaign engagement for a major UK client, shifting towards an aggregator model of social media marketing in Stunited UK. Even though I only joined the team for the forty eight weeks, I still felt a strong sense of belongingness due to the culture factor. I also have high levels of sense of achievement, after the signing-off of my first digital marketing campaign engagement and results that I presented to the Founder CEO of Stunited UK. The best part of the UK internship in social enterprise was team-party where everyone in the marketing department put their work aside and came together for a night of fun and celebrations. The time spent working on STUNITED UK internship project with other interns from various departments of Stunited UK led me to win the Mentor Appreciation Day Innovation Challenge  in the corporate events. These were some of the most memorable parts of my UK internship!”


Challenges that I faced during my Stunited internship

“Being in the digital marketing department, I handled specialised high valued campaign accounts which demanded skill sets, which had not been taught in my MBA curriculum in school, even though I had prior hands-on knowledge. I realised conviction and confidence helped me to sail through as I perfected the digital marketing strategy, learning online during internship days. Hence, this was challenging, steep learning, at times, pressure on multi-tasking while managing multiple social media accounts. However, Stunited UK marketing head in Northampton, and mentors were always ready to help me, willing to give their advice, guided to help me overcome the live task challenges.”

What I learnt from my Stunited UK internship

“I gained deeper insights about internship in small firm in UK, internship experience in social enterprise UK, and higher learning curve where I was allowed to express myself during internship.  Internship experience in this industry has helped me significantly with my UK career planning for future goals. I developed a better understanding about the sector, the product, market demands, devising strategy and check the results. It has immensely contributed in building a rich internship experience in my UK University career path through this internship. Additionally it has helped me to make an informed career decision, that I will work in digital marketing a hot sector in UK job market. My biggest takeaway from internship in Stunited UK, would be the new long-term relationships and connections, learning curve during company demand, which I had forged with Stunited colleagues in Northampton and fellow interns from different UK Universities.”  I am glad that I applied for internship in social enterprise in UK, or rather internship in a startup firm in UK, internship offered by SME UK that has enriched much higher learning curve during this internship period in UK.

My advice for interns applying for internships in UK-

#1: Always take initiative, in everything that you do.

#2: Make a log of everything which you have learnt at the end of each day of internship.

#3: Talk to new people and make connections, be it managers, seniors or fellow interns, clients.

#4: grab the opportunity, go with the flow, learn continuously, be flexible and dynamic.

— Đinh Thu Trà

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