Lost your BRP card?-Here’s what you need to do!


If a student’s Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card is lost or stolen, then the below-mentioned steps can be followed:

Step 1: Inform the university about the loss of the BRP card by sending an email

The university will send a copy of BRP along with a Certificate of Registration. Essentially, students must send an email to the University’s email address since this is the way university authorities would identify the student and would send personal documents to the address of the student.

Step 2:

Before reporting about the loss of the BRP card, students need to check if they have certainly lost it by rechecking accommodation or other places where they have recently visited. Students can also check with the security department of the University if they feel that they have lost it on campus. Once they are certain about the fact that they have lost the card, they need to report the case to the UKVI. Thereafter, UKVI would terminate the BRP card and it cannot be utilized even if they discover it later. Students will also receive an email from UKVI within 1 to 5 working days, to validate the cancellation of the BRP and will advise them what to do next. After receiving this response, students need to inform the University by forwarding the email from UKVI.

Step 3: Reporting about the loss to the police

If students are overseas, then the police would be able to provide them with a report written in English. If the student is overseas, then they also need to get in touch with their Embassy seeking their guidance regarding obtaining a new passport. Police will also provide a reference number after filing a case if your card is stolen. Students can also ask for a Badge ID number and name of the officer in charge who recorded the report or seek a card or for any compliment slip. It will also be important for students to note the name of the police station since they would have to produce this information if they have to return the BRP.

Step 4: Replacement of BRP Card

This stage varies depending on the place where the student lost their BRP. There are differences in deadlines that they need to satisfy based on where they lost the card. Therefore, students must follow the appropriate instructions.

If the card was lost within the borders of the UK

In this case, students need to apply for a new replacement visa to the UKVI through their online form if:

  • The visa that you held had over 3 months remaining on the same or
  • If the student was intending to leave the UK and later come back while the Visa was still effective
  • In case the BRP was going to terminate within a period of 3 months, then students do not need to replace the card but need to go through the first three steps.
  • If the student is planning to stay in the UK after the expiry of the visa for further study or work purposes, then he/she needs to submit the application in place of replacing the missing/lost visa. After completing the application, students need to email the specification to the Student Immigration Advice and Compliance to update the record.

If a visa was misplaced outside the vicinity of the UK

If students are outside the borders of the UK and intend to return, then they need to apply for the replacement of the BRP card. This is essentially a temporary visa for a month (also referred to as entry clearance) that will permit students to enter the UK only once. After arriving back, students need to request a permanent stamp on their replacement visa. Then, they need to send a copy of this visa along with the stamp to Student Immigration Advice and Compliance for updating the records.


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