Learn systems thinking to excel in UK careers


Learn systems thinking to excel in UK careers

Thinking is everyday practice and a part of our life process. Presenting learning systems thinking to excel in UK careers. In this article, we try to understand why do we think and how to take 15mins of your time every day for yourself to think deep. These are proven steps to improve your life. Make the most of it and excel in your life and career as time is limited especially when you are a student. Systems thinking helps us look at the world in a new way because it encourages us to look at events and patterns by focusing on the connection and relationship between a system’s parts, instead of only looking at the individual parts in isolation. Systems thinking leads us away from trying to come up with a quick fix to a problem, which we too often do, in favor of considering the long-term consequences our actions may cause. It supports a deeper level of understanding than we typically take the time to seek.

Why should you be using systems thinking for your life and career in UK?

Let us take an example – Consider the purposes of the actors in this system: Teachers feel pressure to earn good evaluations and merit pay based on test scores, which affects their job security. Students feel pressure to avoid remediation classes, repeating a grade, or disappointing parents and teachers if they perform poorly on tests. School districts want to earn the highest grades to attract students. Businesses and realtors pressure schools to achieve high scores so that people will want to live and work in the community, and so that an educated workforce graduates from UK college and UK Universities. Management board penalize institutions, who do not perform well by withdrawing funding and imposing sanctions. Parents want their children to earn high scores in Universities, and to attend classes mindfully, in order to top with the highest scores. Therefore lets learn systems thinking is useful to shape and reflect about your UK career and how you will plan for success.

There are different levels of systems thinking maturity:

Level 0 Unawareness

Operating at a level 0 of systems thinking means you are totally unaware of the systems thinking concept.

Level 1 Shallow Awareness

This level of systems thinking means that you are aware of the concept of systems thinking, but you do not exhibit any depth of understanding. As an UK university student you may feel like you are a systems thinker, because you are comfortable speaking using the terminology of your subject specialisation. Well there is logic and it accompanies systems thinking, but you have not exhibited success in being able to distinguish between a good systems analysis and a bad one. Many students get stuck in this level of systems thinking maturity, hence practising is key. Take time to reflect on the achievements and your goals as a weekly review, a time looking at the nature like the blue sky, green forest, that will guide your inner queries. Evolve from shallow awareness, know thyself first.

Level 2 Deep Awareness

If you are operating at this level of systems thinking maturity, you are completely aware of the key concepts of systems thinking and you understand how important this type of thinking is and what can be achieved at its full potential. As an university student, you would be able to read and comprehend the casual flow diagrams and simulations models that are a part of systems thinking, and even be able to think with feedback loops at a beginning level, but you would not yet be able to create good diagrams and models of your own. Mind mapping is a useful relational approach to develop the basics of the what you want to do and achieve. You understand system structure from mind mapping exercise, and know what reinforcing and balancing feedback loops are at this level, and you can see why the forces that the feedback loops create are so powerful when it comes to human systems. Find out the SWOT of you, positioning as a UK student in your class, what you can perform and things you cannot. This deep awareness about identification of your skills, competencies that would help to find out gaps in you.

Level 3 Novice

Operating at this level of maturity means that you have a deep awareness of systems thinking, and you are even starting to dig into the black box that assesses why a system behaves in the manner it does. You can now create your own causal flow diagrams, try (RCA root cause analysis or Poke Yoke) and can use them to help you solve some easy and moderately difficult problems. A really good novice would also be able to read simulation models well.

Level 4 Expert

If you are at the expert level, you are now able to use system dynamics to create your own simulation models. You are able to solve difficult and complex social system problems in your life not just UK career. If you think you can reach to an expert level of the systems thinking, you have able to master half way through. It is unique if you think and you can perform in your career, which reflects your capability as an expert.

Level 5 Guru

This level of systems thinking maturity is rarely achieved. If you are a guru, you can teach other people to become experts, and you are able to offer significant input in solving the most challenging of social system problems.

Systems thinking in students offer a paradigm shift from our more traditional thinking patterns that benefits students studying in UK Universities. This is important for UK university students, because we have been taught to look at things rationally. So try to look for clear cause and effect connections you will understand root cause analysis of UK career failure. UK University students are now used to trying to study things in small, digestible pieces, and to attempting to solve problems as quickly as possible by taking control of situations around us. Use the above learning to change your thinking and focus on your UK career, to get meaningful answers about success and failure. Remember that you need find time for yourself to decode life, career, in solace to chart out a plan of action, a definitive direction at monthly or bi annual basis to gauge your progress in your UK career. The above article on ‘Learn systems thinking to excel in UK careers’, is therefore an eye opener for UK university students, aiding them to improve systematically. 

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