Leadership & Entrepreneurial Training in Schools


Leadership & Entrepreneurial Training in Schools

“The Leader is one who, out of the Clutter, brings Simplicity… Out of Discord, Harmony… And out of Difficulty,
Opportunity.” – Albert Einstein.


Leadership & Entrepreneurial Trainings are courses usually pursued by employees already working for organisations. Many organisations have made these training programs compulsory for their employees. These trainings are usually provided through crash courses, workshops, seminars, webinars etc. However, the skills one can obtain through such training are abilities must-have for any individual irrespective of the fact that whether they are working or pursuing their academic career or planning to start a business.

So, today we will discuss the importance of inclusion of  Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills Development Programs in academic curricula.

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Significance of Leadership & Entrepreneurial Skills

Leadership Training develops a particular set of skills in an individual that is immensely significant even beyond the office compound. Leadership Abilities form an empathic approach in oneself. Strong communication skills, time management skills, a sense of responsibility, a sense of respect for self and others, creativity, analytical and strategic thinking, flexibility and positivity, and organisational skills – are some of the most important factors a Leadership Training can develop in an individual. Besides, it enables a person the ability to analyse and give constructive feedback. It provides a vision that can recognise intention and talents in another.

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Entrepreneurial Training - Stunited News Feed
Entrepreneurial Training – Stunited News Feed II Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Entrepreneurial Skills include the competencies of leadership along with additional skills such as – Business Management Skills, Teambuilding and Teamwork, Listening Skills, Customer Services Skills, Problem-Solving Skills, Planning Skills, Technical Skills, Marketing & Branding Skills, Networking etc. Entrepreneurial skills are not only useful for aspiring business owners but also for each individual to develop productivity and punctuality. Most importantly, young individuals, unsure of their potential and choice of career can determine their passion, strengths and subjects of interest while developing these skills.

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Why Leadership & Entrepreneurial Training Should Be Included in Academic Curriculum

School-goers enjoy rapid development in all aspects of their life. During this time any sort of learning and training can persistently impact the young lives of individuals pursuing their studies. Leadership and Entrepreneurial Training, if provided to the students according to the age of the students and standards in school/educational institute, will help them develop the essential skills required to run a company and a life! These skills will help them find the work they love to do, recognise their weaknesses and work on them, recognise their innate skills and polish them to the best. Such training will generate more rational and capable batches of students with increased employability, high prudence and values.

These skill development programs will encourage students to create something new on their own.

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Leadership Training in School - Stunited News Feed
Leadership Training in School – Stunited News Feed II Image Courtesy: Unsplash

With the help of new and effective sets of skills, students will be able to bond more strongly with their peers and teachers resulting in a great network. Students will be more confident with an accepting mindset. They will be able to take every situation as they are and face every challenge with courage. This will increase the chances of overcoming adverse situations and victory over any obstacle in life. Teamwork is another expertise students can hone through such activities and it will help them throughout their life to build and maintain relationships. Leadership & Entrepreneurial Training will also help the students recognise and understand company requirements when they are up for joining a firm as freshers. They will be punctual, dependable and will have a great understanding of management.

Altogether, this will help them grow their career faster and maintain work-life balance like a pro with time for everything in life!

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Winding Up!

We discussed how acquiring leadership and entrepreneurial skills from a young age will benefit an individual’s life from all dimensions. However, including these developmental courses in the academic curriculum can get a little tricky for the teachers. A method consisting of different techniques for the development of different skills in all students should be evolved with patience and care and will be subject to trial and error. The methods and lessons should strictly be appropriate for the average age of different groups of students. Various extra-curricular activities can also bring great success in developing Leadership & Entrepreneurial Skills in students.


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