Know yourself and your capabilities to excel as Higher education Student in UK


You have enrolled in a course in UK University Higher education and it seems tough?

Know yourself and your capabilities to excel as Higher education Student in UK is a series, so read on. While differences in academic education between countries are bound to persist, you need to build awareness, fight the academic challenges to excel in UK education.

Though it is not so easy, knowing your capabilities to excel as Higher education Student in UK is the way to success. First step is to condition you mind, and motivate yourself.

Here are STUNITED tips to overcome student anxiety and deal with academic pressure of UK universities.

1. You analyse yourself, map your resistance and feelings

Being an international student in UK and during your stay is tough away from home. Take the positive aspects of studying in UK, analyse where you stand in your class, learning pace, grades soon to help yourself towards a definitive study plan.

2. Don’t fly away fight with it

The psychology theory of flight or fight is applicable, and we don’t want you to take a backseat, simply fight with it.

3. Don’t blame yourself if you procrastinate

The UK academic routine is hectic, classes and lectures, assignment and project submission. Golden rule is don’t procrastinate, go with the daily tasks finish them up, because no one else will do it for you.

4. Adopt a better studying strategy

So you think you are weak in studies? Trying to cope with new subjects in UK higher education , reading through and writing is an uphill task. Remember every higher education student in UK face this challenge while attending a new course in UK. Human psychology loves pleasure, so instead taking up challenges, that makes them uncomfortable it is advisable to follow variety of learning techniques to excel in higher education in UK.

5. You are capable you have done it in the past

Tell this to yourself everyday ‘ I am CAPABLE’. WHY? In the past when you were in high school, it was the same situation in first day, every subject was new to you. So you need to stop worrying and start acting. HOW? Collaborate with UK batchmates, create study time in study circles and discuss, to clear your academic doubts. Academic life will be easier.

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