Key things you need note in internship job offer letter in UK


Key things you need note in internship job offer letter in UK


Here’s some of the Key things you need note in internship job offer letter in UK. This is the  final stages of getting internship job to be filled up and remember in large companies in UK there is a  paperwork (either online or offline) that you need to fill it up. The new employer will need the internship letter from the UK university that states your course, academic session, degree or course pursuing, student personal details like passport or bank details, any photo ID, and your National Insurance number.

These are the Key things to note in internship job offer letter in UK :

Internship offer should be in writing – Every Internship offer should be in writing  in UK. So verbal offers of Internship offer is not valid. You might get a phone call to offer, but then insist for an email version of Internship offer immediately. Remember that it’s not official internship offer, until you get it in writing. Large, medium or small most UK companies will send you an internship offer letter, that comes after the verbal offer. Therefore if you have appeared for internship interview you need to wait, if you have got a verbal confirmation of internship you need to wait too.

Check internship offer letter details – Once you get your internship offer letter, check internship offer letter details minutely. It should include important things like the internship job title, the internship job description, the internship paid salary, internship hours of work, any bonuses in internship upon performance targets. It also includes the mandatory details of holidays/annual leave during internship tenure, and your official internship starting date with location and person to report. Double check, what was in the internship job advert. These things are important, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the employer to raise any queries at this stage. Check your rights as an employee.

Contract in internship  – the internship job title will have the contract in internship  that legitimises  your internship role or position that allows you to start working as an intern in UK. This is a contract between you (UK University student) and your UK employer. The internship contract covers your basic rights as an intern, at work and the terms of your internship employment. The contracts in internship are not elaborate may be short, nor signed (hand written), If you wish, then you can ask from the HR a written statement of employment for interns. You can additionally ask for this if your internship job entails market survey, sales, establishing new client relationship mentioning period of internship (within two-three months of your start date), or ask for an internship employee ID card. You should know internship rate of pay, hours you should be working per week as an intern.

Details to be provided to your UK employer as an UK intern:

Address and contact details – your correspondence address, permanent address (international student) and telephone contact details, local guardian, department head email and phone number. During internship if you change your address, inform during your internship stint to both university and the UK internship firm.

National Insurance number – When you start working, you’ll need to give your employer the National Insurance number (on National Insurance number card) you received from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Bank details – most UK internship companies will pay their intern wages directly into bank accounts, please recheck before providing these details to get internship wages!

Personal ID – Provide your passport, birth certificate, and visa (if you are an international student).  You will be notified which of the original documents is required as a photocopy.

Emergency contacts – local guardians contact details of ‘next of kin’, family friend, or parent or family member, who is contactable during emergency situation.

Tax info – when you become an employee, your employer is responsible for deducting income tax and National Insurance from your salary before you receive it.


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