Internship jobs for Sheffield Hallam University students


Internship jobs for Sheffield Hallam University students

Placement or work placement for Sheffield Hallam University students-

It is a period of work experience during your studies in Sheffield Hallam University, which can be for few weeks or can vary in length and could be for several months. Sheffield Hallam University also encourages its graduate students studying in the university, to engage in Year-long work placements are called “sandwich” placements as a part of the academic curriculum in Sheffield Hallam University. Please remember that your work placement in Sheffield Hallam University, should ideally be paid internship, but this is not a legal requirement.

What’s the difference between a placement and an internship?

These words “placement” and “internship” interchangeably, but that’s not quite accurate:

Placements as Sheffield Hallam University  understands, is generally an integrated, and related part of your Sheffield Hallam University studies, sometimes assessed by faculty in Sheffield Hallam University. Keep in mind – they don’t necessarily have to be subject specific – you may want to explore and try something out.

Internships in Sheffield Hallam University is allowed for minimum of 4 weeks to a year, and may be completely unrelated to your studies. Sheffield Hallam University Summer internships enable you to explore what working for the UK company would be like as a Sheffield Hallam University graduate, as well as contributing to your professional development.

How to find a placement while studying in Sheffield Hallam University?

  • Every year Sheffield Hallam University advertise thousands of placement opportunities on Handshake. Employers advertising on Handshake are specifically targeting Hallam students, so that’s an excellent place to start.
  • Find your own (aka “self-sourcing”) placement

Why should I find my own placement in Sheffield Hallam University?

  1. You have a particular role in mind, as MBA student of Sheffield Hallam University and our curriculum offers you freedom to choose your work placements in any sector or firm (large, medium, small).
  2. You have a specific organisation in mind
  3. You want or need a placement in a specific location

This approach requires you as a Sheffield Hallam University student to be proactive, do your research, to persevere, and plan for applying to internship positions in UK. However, the result depends on how hard you work for internship job application, with internship CV, internship interview preparations, that could lead to your dream work placement. If you do find your own sandwich year placement as per Sheffield Hallam University guidelines, you will need to check with your course in Sheffield Hallam University, that it is going to be suitable.

How do I go on placement while studying in Sheffield Hallam University?

Sheffield Hallam University offer over 23,000 placements and work with over 1,000 employers so you can find the right experience for you? On this page you’ll learn more about different types of placements, as well as advice on how to secure the one that is best for you.


Post COVID19 pandemic, the UK Internships can either take place within a physical workplace (must be aligned to current Government guidelines), or undertaken remotely or also called virtual internship / e-internships. STUNITED UK, offers supported Internship opportunities in Sheffield,  that is virtual.

The STUNITED internship is tailored to internship time term laid down by Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield. STUNITED internships offered are part-time to fit around students’ course commitments (e.g. 1 or 2 days per week), or can be full-time during University summer holidays and/or the period specified by Sheffield Hallam University academic curriculum, when students are working on their Sheffield Hallam University dissertations.

Internships in STUNITED at Northampton, can start anytime though our internship experts state that Sheffield Hallam University students applying for internships must stick to Internship roles that are related to their study degree in Sheffield Hallam University,  must be business focussed solving a problem, improve a business.

STUNITED offers a variety of internship vacancies for supply chain internship for Sheffield Hallam University students, marketing internship for Sheffield Hallam University students, IT internship for Sheffield Hallam University students and ecommerce internship for Sheffield Hallam University students. Internships in summer vacation for Sheffield Hallam University students, available for MBA in marketing from Sheffield Hallam University.

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