International Students in the UK: BIGGEST MISTAKES!


International Students in the UK: BIGGEST MISTAKES!

In this vlog from Mind the Grad, Valeria focuses on the fact that countless international students in the UK want to stay in the UK for advancement in their careers, but certain serious mistakes stop them from achieving success! A quick highlight of the slips that international students commit is presented in brief below.

Watch the vlog to know in detail about the mistakes, and how to rectify and stop yourself from committing the same.

Quick Highlight:

First mistake: Not thinking about career options of the course they decide to study. Watch the video in full to understand how to choose the right approach when selecting a course in the UK.

Second mistake: International students in the UK tend to choose a course in the UK because they think that it will help them get a job (pursuing a course just because it will guarantee a job is not the right approach). No course can guarantee you a job until and unless you pursue it with all your heart and soul. You need to have something beyond just having a degree. There have to be achievements within and outside your coursework related to the field/program, efficiency, hard skills, and strengths that match your liking. Only then you can do exceptionally well in that particular course. There is so much more to a job application. Therefore, just because someone else got a job by pursuing a degree does not always imply the same for you.

Third mistake: Another major mistake that international students in the UK make is that they do not socialize with people outside their country group. It is essential to get out of your comfort zone to improve and grow. Watch the video in full to understand where people go wrong and how to mend the issue.

Fourth mistake: The third mistake leads to the fourth one which is a lack of networking. This acts as an impediment in the path of the formation of professional relationships. Without strong networking skills, you might miss out on the exchange of important information, shared knowledge as well as tips on opportunities that aren’t available through regular channels. You can view the Higher Education Vlog “Networking Tips for International Students Looking for a Job in the UK” to learn more about the networking tricks in minutes and become a pro.

Fifth Mistake: Lots of international students studying in the UK universities think of the graduate route or PSW as a solution. View the vlog to identify where students misjudge and get off on the wrong foot.

Sixth Mistake:  People think that the lack of job interviews or offers is due to the student visa status. International students often say that they have applied for 100s of vacant positions but never heard back from the employers. And, they think that it is because of their visa status. However, in general, it is observed that the actual problem is the weak profile of the candidate, their cover letter application or CV is not projecting their skills properly. It may be that they are not applying for the right kind of jobs or not sending an adequate number of applications or there is a lack of proper job-hunting strategy. In this vlog, Valeria thoroughly analyses this problem and shows them ways to go about the situation.

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Seventh mistake: International students in the UK think that a graduate scheme in a top company is the only available option for advancement in their career. In this vlog, Valeria emphasizes the fact that in this competitive job market, there are many other ways of starting your career and advises how students need to learn to thrive in this stiffly competitive job market.

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