How to write a resume for an internship position


All UK students in their respective courses, try to find out how to write a resume for an internship position. STUNITED UK, largest social networking website for students have researched with experts and have recommended the following are the essential tips for writing a student resume for UK internships. The steps to write a resume for an internship are sequential in nature, so that it looks like a professional resume for an internship:

Step one of writing resume for an internship

Every internship has a category as per specialisation, and elaborate job description for the internship vacancy. Therefore, before you apply for internship position, please read the job description for the internship vacancy carefully. Identify the specific skill and competencies for internship, that the UK employer is looking for. This is litmus test as it helps to ascertain your candidature, your interests, your area of specialisation for internship, so that internship matches your career profile. Secondly, you can use specific words from internship job description to show them as your strengths in internship resume. This will align your interests, your specialisation making the internship resume relevant to internship position and aids in getting acceptance of internship applicant tracking system (ATS). Many UK employers use the ATS software to screen internship CV of UK university applicants, as there is huge volume of UK internship applications.

Step two know about internship organisation

Do a quick desktop research, on internship organisation which you are planning to apply. Try to find out the internship company corporate values, the product offerings, and try to visualise if it matches your dream company. Think deep if you are ready to work in this sector after passing out, or whether you have any other choice with your experience or educational degree. If you decide to go ahead, you can use this research information on internship company to write a draft internship resume, cover letter for internship application be mentally prepared for internship interview. You can start your research from the company’s website, read ‘about us’ section, click on ‘careers’ ‘work with us’ sections. Apart from this you can check ‘Glassdoor’ for company review, read through employee reviews about internship company on various job portals. Similarly, customer reviews on various other business review websites can give you further insight into the company.

Step three add your name, email and contact information

Start drafting your internship resume by including your complete name, postal address, email ID and phone number at top section of internship resume. Keep it bold and uncluttered, as internship interviewer can glance through to reach to main body of your resume. Your address helps ,if they are looking for local candidates, where you stand out if you live near the office. You can also include links to your social media profiles ( However, make sure they portray a professional brand to have a positive impact.

Step four rewrite resume objective statement

An objective statement in your internship resume, projects in short, what you as an UK University student want to achieve in your career. It showcases your career goals and career objectives linking the internship opportunity that is a part of your life’s long-term goal. Consider including your area of interest, past experience, knowledge/specialisation chosen that relates to this position. Here, please use the relevant keywords from internship vacancy job description to increase your chances of internship resume to get selected from employer’s attention perspective. Rules to remember for writing internship resume, ensure that the length of CV objective statement is within two or three sentences. This section should only contain the most relevant skills and strengths for the given internship position.

Step five highlighting your specific skills

Include your technical skills and soft skills in internship resume, by relating to the specialised knowledge or area of expertise or your specialisation. You can mention the soft skills as general skills at the last in your internship CV. For example, if you are applying for a software programmer internship in Google UK, you need to know those relevant programming languages, which would fall under technical skills to qualify for internship vacancy position in UK. Similarly, if you have strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, link it with demonstration in class projects, social work to strengthen it. although those skills are not the core part of programming these are additional skills UK internship organisations are looking for. The skills section in internship CV helps UK employer assess your candidature suitability for the advertised internship role. Remember that, when educational qualification is common between candidates (holding same MBA degrees), these skills usually separate you as an internship candidate from other UK applicants.

Step six add relevant work experience (optional)

Apply this step only if you are a fresher. Alternatively, we would this leave it with you. You can describe your social work, volunteering experience, project work or any short-term work assignments in the past explaining your role, outcomes of the task in which you were part of. However, the situation changes when you are an experienced professional, with work experience, pursuing UK degree and is looking for internship vacancy position in UK. If this is for a sector and career change, then you can list your previous job details, and align past work experience to justify for your candidature in applying for an internship. Remember you need not worry about your previous jobs, being directly related to the new one. Our goal is to link relevance of past experience and transferable skills from which could be useful for current internship position.

Step seven describe your achievements

The achievements in internship resume, states about the awards and recognitions you have earned. This strengthens and works as a strong support to your skills and abilities. This section is a testimony of what you have claimed and how you perform. It shows the future employer that you are motivated, focussed towards task and have added laurels to your career. You can talk about any social work certificate, best employee, or your outstanding academic projects that you have completed successfully. For example, if you contributed to your university magazine, won a competition representing University, or participated in an quiz competition, you can mention the details in this section.

Step eight include your educational qualifications

List your educational qualifications chronologically (start with the highest qualification at first), additionally add any training or certifications and membership in professional affiliations. The standard practice is to mention type of qualification (degree or diploma or certificate), organisation who issued it, year and month when you were awarded. Additionally list if you earned any scholarships or exceptional grades in your internship CV. For example, if you were a university topper in your elective or specialisation, you can include it in the education details in your internship resume.

Step nine is to add references

Adding references at the end, holds a high importance in an internship resume. That is because you would be at the beginning of a new career and may not have a solid backing of relevant work experience. In such cases, getting someone to vouch for your competence and credibility can be a strong positive factor in your favour. Talk to your professors, project guides and friends employed in good positions. Ask for their recommendation and whether you can use their names in the reference. Each reference would typically include the name, designation, organisation and contact details of the person.

Step ten is to finalise and format your resume

Ensure that your internship CV looks professional in design perspective. Please use professional font while writing your internship CV, such as Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman and you can bold, underline or italicise the fonts to highlight the important points. Remember CV header is prominent, and decreasing the font size is another way to distinguish the content down below.

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