How to transform an internship offer into a job


How to transform an internship offer into a job

Every student have this question inside their head, how to transform internship offer into a job in UK? Is it feasible to make an internship in UK into a contractual job? Let’s find out.

Internship and job linkage

Internships in UK for the university students of UK, are becoming increasingly important part of academic curriculum in UK. So, if you want to show a future UK employer your skills, competencies and ability to work, then proof of internship in any UK company is must. Therefore, a big question arises how to qualify for internship as UK university student. The second question is then prove yourself as an intern, to get a work placement or a job in UK. As a UK university student, here are two objectives you should set while applying for UK internship. The first one should be to try and bag internship offer and secondly, if that cannot happen for whatever reason, to walk away with a killer reference, work hard to prove your worth in internship.

Whether you are in your first year of studying in UK university or you are a graduate learning how to apply for a project, write internship cv, scan UK companies, apply for internship. For this you need to understand importance of internships in UK academic career, what it will take for you to prove yourself as an intern in UK company for your future UK employer. Well how to get internship in 2022 as UK university student needs backend work, as it will not be served on the plate in a restaurant.

Do your in-depth research on internship

While you apply for UK internship focus on the internship area, internship sector, internship company for 2022. Start working on internship applications everyday as identifying the internship companies, internship in fields early as focussing your attention in UK internships early will land up early selection in internship, against the last-minute rush in applying for internship positions. Get internship CV ready, start applying to internship positions in UK, with LinkedIn profile professionally done, digital visiting card for your corporate communication before entering in internship position in UK.

If you want to secure a UK job via the internship route, then you have to work hard for getting internship positions, researching about which UK employers offering , in your chosen sector. Find the trends of their work placement in UK, are known for hiring interns and how many they hire in any given year. Inevitably, these kinds of internships are very popular in UK and most applications must be submitted 6 months earlier. Therefore, search for UK internship positions 2022, and start your research on UK internship positions early. Find out as much as you can via their UK company website careers page, or by calling the human resources department.

Choose internship company well

Be selective about which UK companies you apply for internship positions in UK. Apply to UK companies for Internship that is your dream, UK companies that you respect and admire. Select those British companies that have a defined of internship programme that is valid and legit. These are UK companies where you know you’ll get great opportunities but you have to approach for internship positions early. There are few internship positions in large British companies, and competition for internship position is tough, for qualifying for internship vacancy in UK. If you get selected after a formal internship interview, you will be naturally more motivated, committed towards internship successful completion. Showing inclined to perform in your internship tenure at your best is the only way to use internship offer into a job in UK. Also bear in mind applying for internships at large, well-known companies that may not offer work placements, so even if you manipulate, you may not succeed. Look at smaller British companies, MNCs in UK for internship, social companies in UK for internship, startups in UK for internship and even event management or sports management! Remember you will be asked to submit your internship project report where you need to show an improvement related to a business problem in the company.

Know your worth

Treat your internship interview just like a job interview. So brush up your subject area. Google about internship company. Read the job description of internship position thrice. Appear for internship position interview and tell them what you are capable of. Don’t exaggerate about anything that you don’t know during internship interviews. Tell them what you know and the value you can add to their business during internship in UK. Dress smart in neutral shades for your internship interview. Yes, you are there to learn from the British professionals and work on a small project in internship with UK industry experts. They understand your existing knowledge level. Therefore, you can contribute by sharing your knowledge and opinions on specific stages of initial discussion of problem identification. This will help you to get noticed and then single you out as someone, who knows their stuff. It is also not about knowledge but the way you are socialable, carry yourself adapt to their culture, which the UK firm is looking for.

Show your commitment during Internship

Internships can be tough. It is a different world. So you need to work hard to make internship to be successful. It is not possible to resolve a problem in internship alone in internship stint. You may require contribution from many disciplines – not least because there maybe days/weeks to resolve internship problem. When you don’t do very much or the work is a bit boring – but be consistent in your commitment to internship and enthusiasm. Never turn up late in internship period, don’t take days off during internship in UK, unless you really must like medical emergency. Offer to help wherever you can to anybody in internship company – even if that means going out for fetch coffees or doing the photocopying for a team.

Shadow someone as intern

The best way to learn a new skill in internship, is to see someone else do it. This will help you learn new skills faster in internship, which every UK employer would love. It is more about adapting yourself to the UK culture, adapt to organisational culture, adapt to team culture. Listen more, speak only when you needed to. You need to simply copy and show output. This way you can convert internship offer into a job. In the end you may be considered for your internship performance and offer into a job.

Network during internship

‘’People choose to work with people they like’’. So you adapt yourself to your closest mentor in internship period in the UK company. Additionally start using your digital visiting card during internship networking. Share your digital visiting card for networking with people throughout internship organisation as impression management works. Attend the as many clubs or groups in internship company, show your talent in group work. This is an opportunity to network during internship, that helps to spread your identity as an intern in the UK company. Alternatively join any societies or extra initiatives during internship, as you can to get yourself noticed. Additionally, make the effort to join colleagues going for drinks after work to gel with other interns.

Avoid office politics during internship

Unfortunately, even internship working environment has its office politics. As an interns in UK company, avoid these strictly. Do not get involved as an intern, involved or partaking in gossip at all cost. By commenting on a situation as an intern, or a person you could seriously jeopardise your chances of convert internship offer into a job.

Make your wishes known

The adage, “if you don’t ask you don’t get” well it couldn’t be more relevant in this situation. It might be difficult to manipulate internship offer into a job. Ask how realistic it is to secure a job after the internship at the interview stage and keep subtly mentioning it. On the other hand large British firms will either talk about it openly that internships turning into work placement offers, which is like convert internship offer into a job. A few weeks before the end of your internship, you need to ask for a review of internship performance during internship stint. Do ask if you are still on track in internship performance.

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