How to smash your summer internship?


Feeling lost and disoriented on the first day of your summer internship is normal. “It’s a lot easier to win if you know the game you’re playing!” An internship is a learning experience through practical work. Commonly, interns dedicate themselves to working on important projects, learning about the new industry, establishing industry connections, and developing both hard as well as soft skills. Internships every so often leads to full-time job offers.

Watch the first episode of the series to understand “How to smash your summer internship” to in the UK and land a full-time job offer.

Some tips and takeaways for making the most of this summer internship are hereby mentioned below:

Things to do during summer internship:

  • Set career goals
  • Try to make a great impression
  • Ask relevant questions to coworkers/managers/trainers, and carry a notebook to process information better, remember more, and think faster
  • Set up coffee meetings with your co-workers to expand your professional network
  • Offer to assist with additional projects
  • Maintain a record of what you get done
  • Consider moments at your summer internship as a campus lecture, so, listen actively and ask relevant questions
  • Be proactive and take the initiative to be a team player
  • Get involved
  • Ask for and accept feedback.
  • Add value
  • Take the time to learn the office culture

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