How to get the most out of lectures in classroom in UK University


Every student wants to learn and score high in university, but how to get the most out of lectures in classroom in UK university. Remember university classroom lectures do not have any substitute and it requires attention. So how do you make the best use of university class lecture as attendance does not fetch higher grades, but listening intently does. There is no other way around it, as what the lecturer will teach no one knows. Here are some of the golden rules to get the most out of lectures in classroom in UK university.

1. Take down notes paying attention:

The lecturer will rush through the chapter or topic meant for the day, however, it is important to make small notes in your notebook, as fast as you can. Some students can write fast, and elaborately, while if you are not able to catch up with university lecture, write in short notes, or points, phrases to make some meaning of what it is.

2. You can use smartphone to record

Plenty of university students are using smartphone as Dictaphone to compensate slow writing pace, that can be used again as a backup in case you want a backup of what was taught in university class lectures. But listen to your professor to grasp the subject matter in classroom.

3. Use coloured pens to highlight

Whatever class notes you have taken, use coloured pens to underline, highlight or capitalise them to emphasize, draw attention, state its important, or even to do list for class lecture related assignments.

4. If you use shortcodes

For those who are slow in writing, use shortened words which only you can understand. Then you have to expand them to understand what you have written in class lectures. Then the second task is to go back to your room to type out immediately what professors have taught the whole day. This method backs up what you have written, listened and understood in the class.

5. Don’t get distracted

This is super important as don’t get distracted, during university lectures. You need to turn off social media in your smartphone, or laptop if you are using them in class lectures. If you get distracted, then you cannot learn, cannot remember, so be serious in classroom lecture, focus and concentrate.

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