How to get first summer internship opportunity with no experience?


How to get first summer internship opportunity with no experience? Tips to get first summer internship opportunity with no experience are elucidated below

Write your resume

If you have not yet crafted your resume, then it is time you should start writing resume. Particularly, this is the most important part of the process of application. To frame a resume, you will have to first outline the educational details (name of the institute, degrees obtained, different volunteer roles that you have undertaken, and everything else that you might intend to include (for example, interpersonal skills, communication skills, or technical skills). You can also seek professional help from experts as well to get started (you can turn to the professionals from Stunited to build a resume).

Ask someone to review your resume

After proofreading and editing your resume yourself many times, ask someone to review your resume to ensure that there are no mistakes that you might have overlooked. Soliciting feedback from others (particularly from friends, seniors, family members, or any career service agency department) can help you identify and rectify the errors, and make sure that it is completely error-free. Also, remember not to feel upset when you get any negative feedback from someone.

Demonstrate the experience you have gathered

Please remember that just because you are a fresh graduate and do not have any job experience in your selected field, it does not imply that you do not have any work experience. For instance, being a waiter at an eatery or cashier at a retail outlet can also enrich you with valuable interpersonal skills, communication skills, customer management skills, and others. Leveraging this experience whilst looking for an internship will assist you in developing a solid foundation that in turn will assist you in landing a full-time job after graduating from college.

Reveal your best self

Apart from a well-crafted resume, other important elements can help you in gaining an edge over others and set you apart from other applicants. These factors include a well-written LinkedIn profile with professional photos, your posts, activities on LinkedIn, etc. It is also important to align the details mentioned in your LinkedIn profile to the facts written in your resume. Also, always be careful about what you post on professional platforms such as LinkedIn as well as on other social platforms.

Try to understand what career truly interests you

You can take your time to research different career paths that you can take after completing the degree program in which you are presently enrolled. As you research and learn more, you will be able to find out your areas of interest, and your career choices and hunt for internships associated with those preferred positions. For instance, if you are pursuing MBA with a major in marketing, you can research and learn more about different types of marketing professions.

Find the suitable internship opportunity

After you complete editing your resume, you need to look out for more opportunities to acquire more experience, and need to showcase your best self. Thereafter, it will be a good time for you to look for the most suitable internship opportunities. You can reflect and set specific career goals using different theoretical models such as SMART goals/PACT goals to get the right direction in your career path as you search for the right internship opportunity.

Try to score higher in your exams

At the time of applying for internship positions with no prior experience, your performance in coursework can be considered to be a major factor in the screening process of recruitment and selection. Your academic performance in colleges/universities will speak in the place of any missing specialized work experience.

Turn to a career counselor or career center for students for advice

Career centers can be considered to be effective resources for learners looking for internship opportunities to hone their skills and find full-time/part-time/internship positions. You can consult with a career center/educational consultant (such as Stunited) to assist you in gaining an edge in the competitive job market and stand out from other applicants.

Explore different on-campus opportunities

Try to hunt for internship opportunities offered by your college departments or any other recruitment divisions on campus. As such, these internship opportunities are mainly designed for learners, which implies that they every so often work around your current academic schedules and are suitable for the ones without any prior work experience.

Apply promptly

At this point, you have already developed a comprehensive understanding of the different types of internship opportunities you are hunting for, and the types of business establishments that align your career objectives and directions. Subsequently, you can explore and find out the deadlines for different internship positions that interest you. Also, applying promptly might help you in increasing your chances of getting selected for an interview or selected for a vacant position.

Develop requisite skills

There are many general sets of skills that apply to different careers. Even if you do not have firsthand work experience right now, you can still try to spend some quality time developing certain transferable skills (for instance, computer literacy, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, time management skills, and communication skills). You can consider the below mentioned ways to imbibe these skills

  • You can enroll for a weekend workshop on the development of professional skills such as team building, public speaking, presentation skills, or any specific computer software skills.
  • You can join a club that can allow you to practice certain transferable skills such as public speaking, debates, group discussion sessions, and many others.
  • You can take up the role of a tutor to develop your communication skills

Prepare for the interview

The following models can help you practice how you can answer certain interview questions to show your understanding of the work at hand and the way it is related to your experiences:

STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Results)

KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes)

You can practice these methods by yourself or you can ask someone else to join in a mock interview so they can give you feedback based on your performance.

Be confident in the interview

It is quite natural to feel nervous at the interview no matter how much you gear up and practice mock sessions. Still, if you practice using the outlines/models mentioned above, you will be able to enhance your chances of performing better. However, it is important to bear in mind that every successful interview does not always produce positive results and leads to a job offer.

Do not forget to send thank you notes/thank you email

Certainly, there is a compelling reason why almost every career counselor talks about sending a thank you note after undergoing an interview session. This is because it has an immense impact. The most common tactic is to send a thank-you email. Those who consider taking the time to send a thank-you email can stand out and set themselves apart from other candidates.

Be spirited and keep applying

It is a fact that you will not be able to get all the internship offers that you apply for. Therefore, it is important to continue applying to internships regularly to enhance your chances of landing one.


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