How my LinkedIn Profile helped me find a job?


In this post, we will highlight the following points:

  • Is it necessary to update your LinkedIn profile? If yes, why?
  • How do I update my LinkedIn profile privately without notifying my connections?
  • How to update my LinkedIn profile with impact?

Is it necessary to update your LinkedIn profile?

Yes, it is important to need to update your LinkedIn profile from time to time. It is advisable to update your profile regularly even if you are actively working somewhere, especially when you are hunting for a job. Now, the reasons why updating your profile is necessary are explained below:

  • It increases the LinkedIn profile visibility

Updating your LinkedIn Profile regularly can make sure that you offer all the latest and current information regarding all your accomplishments. Just like results from the Google Search Engine matter, similarly, the search results of LinkedIn also bear significance. However, this is not just about appearing on the search results but also about the page on which you appear. Does a potential recruiter or connection have to run through 10 pages to land on your profile? Is there any guarantee that the recruiter or any other connection will tolerantly go through all these pages to hunt for you? If you fail to update your profile from time to time, it will be transferred to the last pages. Also, people hardly want to connect with inactive accounts. People question whether these people exist or whether they represent anybody in particular. Attaining higher rankings on LinkedIn searches is quite important. It might create a gap between being considered and not being considered by a recruiter for a certain position and being replaced by someone else.

Regular updates on your LinkedIn profile essentially show that you are advancing in your career, gaining new skills, acquiring new as well as pertinent work experience. The higher the number of skills registered on your LinkedIn profile, the better it is. Updating your skills only can immensely contribute towards a higher ranking in search results. As people mainly search using certain keywords, the skills listed by you are expected to contain some of the keywords. This will surely increase your rankings. In case you do not have a specific skill listed in your profile, then your profile will not appear in the search results. Again, if you have even three to four skills searched for, your propensity to rank higher will increase.

With the regular updates enhancing your rankings on the page of search results, the over visibility rate of your profile will increase. The more the rate of visibility of your profile, the higher will be your popularity. Gaining popularity on LinkedIn needs more than just regular updates, and it is important to exert higher effort. The association between profile updates and acceptance/popularity emerges from the enhanced rate of visibility from a higher number of views. The number of views is necessarily influenced by what content you include on your profile.

  • Improves your branding

It is important to identify who you are, your skills, your competencies, and the strengths that you want to showcase and promote. The updated LinkedIn profile needs to gain a competitive edge and stand out because recruiters look for your profile after receiving your job application along with your CV. In case you are in search of a rewarding/lucrative position, your LinkedIn profile needs to reflect that your competencies and your brand aptly match with that applied position.

  • Keeps you ahead of your competitors

Undoubtedly, a high percentage of LinkedIn users are using the platform for a similar purpose as you-searching for their next job, attempting to grab the attention of companies. Thus, they are also regularly updating their profiles and applying to the same companies for jobs. Updating your profile regularly, increasing connections, applying to new jobs, posting status updates, posting content (both long and short), publishing articles can assist you to gain a competitive edge and keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Provides your prospective employer adequate information when they search on Google and gives you higher rankings

Updates are not just information for the search engines; it provides sufficient information to visitors to your profile. It also enhances relevance to the prospective organization. In case the companies browse and find that your LinkedIn profile lacks the information that they are searching for, then they will not look again.

How to update my LinkedIn Profile without notifying my connections?

Nearly everything on the LinkedIn platform is public. By default settings, when you update/change something on your profile, your connections get notified about the change. However, you can always change the settings and turn it off. To avoid notifying your connections about the updates, you can go to your profile, and select the edit button (represented by a symbol of a pencil). Then below the section of the headline, you will find a button that reads “Share Profile Changes” and switch it to “No” to ensure that your connections do not get reported about the updates on your account.

Also, you can select the “privacy” tab and additional options will appear that can make the profile private.

1. Click on the “Me” option in the navigation and then choose “Settings & Privacy.

2. Select ” Settings and Privacy → Visibility→ Visibility of your LinkedIn Activity”

3. Scroll down on the page and try to find “Share profile updates with your network edits.” You will find that notifications are turned on by default.

4. Under “Sharing profile edits, select the button next to “Yes” and switch it off. You will find a
“Saved” message to the right that will ensure that changes made are saved.

How to update my LinkedIn profile with impact?

  • Select the appropriate profile picture for LinkedIn.
  • Include a relevant background photo.
  • Frame a headline that is more than just your current designation
  • Turn your LinkedIn summary section into your story
  • Develop your network.
  • Include your pertinent skills.
  • Highlight the services you offer/work you do/things you go through/ accomplishments.
  • Handle endorsements proactively.
  • Take skills assessment regularly.
  • Request recommendations.
  • Reveal your passion for learning by completing a course related to your field on
    LinkedIn Learning and adding a course certificate to your profile.
  • Share pertinent content from your LinkedIn feed.
  • Follow influencers from your industry.
  • Publish long-form content from time to time– and effectively use it to initiate conversations.


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