Feeling Stressed? Learn How to Strike a Balance between Work and Studies


If you are extremely troubled about striking the balance between full-time study and part-time jobs, then you are certainly not alone in this. There are numerous students out there who have to work on a part-time basis to support themselves whilst they finish their studies. Coping with a part-time job is truly not easy, therefore, how can students go about striking the right balance between work commitments and academic binders, and social life?

The following guidelines suggest certain ways to balance study and part-time work.

Keep every party involved well-informed

In case a student is involved in a part-time job, then there will be many occasions where work and study plan clash. In a bid to avert this, students need to allow their boss as well as co-workers to know beforehand of all their unavailability and unreachability well in advance. This implies timings of class, group sessions, seminars, and exams need to be flagged and then added into the calendar as early as possible.

Chalk out a schedule and follow it

A schedule is a unique way to decipher your priorities and the total time that will be needed to finish all the work. The more elaborate your calendar/schedule is, the higher is the possibility to stick to the same. It is also important to ensure to jot down everything counting timings of class, appointments, extra class discussions, seminars, and assignment due dates as well as other obligations.

Plan for the unforeseen

Although students need to try to adhere to their schedule in the best they can, they also need to permit a buffer for when unanticipated things surface. Students can do this by allocating additional time between everyday jobs. By scheduling for unanticipated roadblocks you will be able to avoid getting stressed when things do not happen precisely as per plan and balance between work and studies.

Don’t leave something until the last minute

Students cannot expect to perform to the best of their capability at work or school when accomplishing work at the last minute. Therefore, it is important to disintegrate the work (projects/assignments or any other work) into small parts/stages and tick them off right after finishing it off. In this way, the assignments or work will comparatively be of higher quality, and this, in turn, will lessen the stress levels, and students will be able to continue to accomplish properly in their work and studies.

Understand how to handle stress

Working and pursuing studies simultaneously can be hectic, however, there are several ways to cope with stress – students just need to discover what works for them the best. Actions such as breathing exercises, performing yoga, or meditation can all immensely decrease stress and deliver benefits for both physical as well as mental health.

Rewarding yourself from time to time

After accomplishing a task, students can reward themselves to boost their confidence. Students can have a nice dinner, or go on an amusing day trip during the holidays.

Find work in the selected industry

If students can find a part-time job in the selected trade, it is an excellent way to balance work and studies. In this case, students can implement the skills and knowledge that they learned at work.

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