Everything about UK’s new Scale UP visa | Full List of Companies who can sponsor Scale Up visa


Everything about UK’s new Scale UP visa

This video titled “Everything about UK’s new Scale UP visa | Full list of Companies who can sponsor Scale Up visa” by Your Knowledge Buddy covers everything about Scale Up visas like the List Of Scale Up Companies In The UK, How To Find Them with live demos, Requirements, and Eligibility criteria. Watch the vlog in full to know in detail about the below-mentioned topics.

Topics covered in this video:

  1. What is Scale up visa?
  2. What is a Scaleup Company?
  3. Do you need sponsorship for a Scaleup Visa?
  4. Point-Based System
  5. Eligibility criteria for this visa
  6. How to find Scaleup companies with a live demo

What is UK’s new Scale UP visa?

Presently, a high-skilled job with a minimum remuneration of £33,000 and English language proficiency is the only prerequisite for getting a UK Scale-up visa.

To draw the world’s top talents, the UK government has launched a new Scale-up visa and mentioned that this shall help the nation’s top high-growth companies to invite skilled workforces, including scientists, technologists, engineers, architects, designers, and computer programmers, to work for them. By using the Scale-up visa, big businesses, currently, will be able to appoint skilled workforces who will get 2 years’ leave to stay in the UK without needing any further sponsorship or consent beyond the first 6 months.

Primarily, the Scale-up visa is an “accelerated” immigration route that does not need the time, cost, and responsibility of procuring a sponsor license to invite somebody to the nation.

To arrive in the UK under the Scale-up visa, you will require a “high skill” employment offer from a UK company for which the minimum salary threshold is £33,000. However, it is important to mention here that, £33,000 will be a lower salary edge than what is required by the majority of the Skilled Worker jobs commonly hired by Scale-ups.

For the inexperienced, under the UK’s points-based immigration system, to arrive in the UK through the Skilled Worker route, professionals must be paid the standard rate of £36,600 if not they have other exchanged points that suffice for being paid below the standard rate.

UK scale-up visa 2022 requirements:

  • An employment offer from a UK-based business enterprise for a period of minimum of 6 months
  • Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from their company
  • Minimum remuneration of £33,000 annually
  • English language expertise
  • Adequate funds to be self-sustained.


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