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Here is a guide to help job seekers understand why they need personal branding for job search and how to craft one. Getting a job during severe economic times is a daunting undertaking — when businesses are looking to cut down costs by laying off employees and when masses are unexpectedly searching for different ways to put them in contention for occupation. One effective way of standing out and attracting in this sea of applicants is through building personal branding, which has become extremely important and uniquely vital in the digital age. A personal brand places job pursuers apart from other applicants by aligning their skills, expertise, and experience around a personal narrative. Building your brand does not have to be nerve-racking, though.

Why Do You Need a Personal Brand?

Your brand is marketing yourself and your professional expertise. It indicates what you as an individual stand for, things you have accomplished, and things you are capable of accomplishing. Having a personal brand can offer you several benefits when it comes to hunting for a new job and remaining relevant in your career.

  • Recruiting managers are searching the web, just like every person; for them, the aim is often to examine job applicants. Therefore, it is important to gain an edge and stay ahead of other competitors by ensuring that when your name turns up in a search engine, they will find adequate information that is quite gratifying, informative, and manifests you in your best light.
  • A stable personal brand allows potential recruiters to know that you are goal-oriented, focused on a particular objective, and have a blueprint for your career that can provide a conceptual layout to drive future growth—or at best a focused stratagem to attain your objectives.
  • A consistent personal brand is also considered to be a marketing tool that can work as your hoarding, one that develops and transforms over time. Therefore, job seekers need to use their brand to tell their own story, expound core values, and provide details about expertise, know-how, skills, and passions that might not come up in conventional job-search arrangements.

Unlike a company brand, a personal brand is a way somebody markets his/her individual experience to recruiters or prospective professional networks.

Personal branding assists individuals to distinguish themselves from others with analogous interests, expertise, or qualities.

Nearly all recruiters (98%) utilise search engines and social media to collect information regarding prospective new hires.

A well-implemented personal brand aids applicants stand out from the mass.

Personal branding for job search can include:

Making an individual portfolio website

Upholding personal projects/tasks/assignments on social media

Developing thought leadership online by publishing blog posts and issuing articles

How to Create Your Personal Brand?

Demonstrate core values for personal branding for job search

Your brand needs to communicate a sound and clear-cut set of values that sets you apart from contenders. Human resource divisions do not characteristically appoint based on credibility and credentials alone: they also intend to see if applicants have a personality and attitude that is attuned with that of the company. It is advisable to hunt for potential recruiters with whom you share outlooks, bearing in mind that they in general are looking for empathy, inquisitiveness, collaboration, and teamwork abilities.

Being exclusive, innovative, and resourceful

One standard error many job pursuers make is scripting a resume that appears and reads the same as those of multitudes of other applicants. If you intend to attract the attention of an employer, try to write one that’s distinctive, and perfectly pertinent to the position. Conveying and putting across your personality and inventiveness through this background page, which is attained by ascertaining the fine points of the role you are applying for and wrapping and packaging yourself as an appropriate match. Highlight particular strengths, skills, understandings, and experiences from projects you have finished, however, avoid the excitement of filling it with inapt accomplishments.

Ascertain target addressees

An immense effect of personal branding is that it can place you as a professional in a specific area. During tough economic times, where the rate of unemployment is increasing, one might presume that this specificity limits probabilities of employment. Everybody cannot be your target addressees, so it’s critical to detect who they are. The more directed a personal brand is, the higher the probability of getting a dream job and working out favourable pay. Therefore, it is important to create messages that vibrate with the right addressees — craft a captivating and emotional association between you and this prospective recruiter.

Develop online following 

Your branding stratagem should include generating an online reputation. Just like your CV, it should not be unremarkable or should not lack in explicitness. Endowing in SEO can be of immense help. There are several ways in which you can give a boost to SEO and expand a base of following simultaneously by creating a blog/vlog and sharing valued content with a person who reads, which they may then wish to share with others. In due course, and with adequate effort, you can place yourself among the specialists in your field, and draw more job opportunities.

Develop a network for personal branding 

A network can help in many ways in improving personal branding for job search. The more people you know in your business, the higher the probability of getting job links. Suggestions from people you are familiar with, together with your branding, can develop new opportunities. And by now if you are well connected, it does no harm to add more persons to a network. LinkedIn is a professional place to find connections; however, it is important to remember the critical in-person element, for example, trade fairs, industry sessions, and conferences, as well as other events.


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