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There are four major institutions in Sheffield delivering higher education, namely, the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, Cliff College, and Sheffield College. International students seeking to study in Sheffield can select from an extensive range of program packages (Diploma, Master’s, P.hDs, or MBA) from top-ranked premier institutions in Sheffield. So, let us continue reading and learn more about the Universities in Sheffield from the current segment.

University of Sheffield

Established: 1828

Address: Western Bank, Sheffield, UK

This university is a member of the Russel Group (one of the 24 universities that constitute the Russel Group) and one of the most important UK research universities. The University of Sheffield is also known for its outstanding performance in the segment of teaching and research and it is time and again confirmed by global independent evaluations. The University is rated 104th in the world and ranked 13th in the UK as per the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The latest Research Excellence Framework also labeled this university as a world-leading university. Also, as per the findings of the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey conducted in the year 2017, this institution of higher education was rated as the number 1 in the Russell Group and was ranked as the third-best institution all over the country. This institution is strongly committed to maintaining the best research, improving the learning experience, and delivering outstanding teaching with unparalleled links with business enterprises as well as the private sector. Academic segments are classified into six different faculties, namely, Arts and Humanities, medicine, science, engineering, social science, and dentistry and health.

Sheffield Hallam University


Address: Howard Street, Sheffield, UK

Sheffield Hallam University is a modern institution in higher education with a long history dating from the establishment of two 19th century institutes which later became the grounds for Sheffield Polytechnic. This University has witnessed two world wars and Collegiate Crescent was utilized as a military hospital during the period 1915-1919. Students of different age groups, national origin, and backgrounds come here to study and further enrich the community making it a diverse place to learn and live. The innovative courses designed by this university provide students with the requisite skills that they require the most to thrive in this modern working life, therefore, equipping them for building their careers.

Cliff College

Established: 1883

Address: Calver Hope Valley, Sheffield, UK

Cliff College has a long heritage of offering Bible Training to individuals from different backgrounds, for both mission and evangelism. This institute is not only about earning a qualification, rather it is about gaining experience, sharing lives, and growing in Godliness while staying and learning there. This Institution is also committed to broadening access and overall participation of students from different segments of society, particularly those who are presently underrepresented in Higher Education.

Sheffield College

Address: HE Unit, Sheffield, UK

The Sheffield College was founded as a Further Education Corporation as per the Further and Higher Education Act of the year 1992 and it became incorporated in 1993. The legislative instrument and Articles of Government make sure that the Governing Body of this institute acts in conformity with the legislation by specifically mentioning the accountabilities of the Governing Body and the Principal, structure, arrangements for the appointment of members, structure for the processes and operation of the governing body. The Instrument, as well as Articles of Government, is also supplemented by the Standing Orders along with the Code of Conduct of the Governing Body. This institution is also strongly committed to safeguarding and promoting the overall welfare of youths. Also, this institute is at an exciting phase with a booming student population and a spectacular new university ground.

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