COVID19 Latest information for International students in UK 2021


While each of the UK educational institution have separate COVID19 policies for their campus, the UKVI (home office) has published some of the latest news. Remember that UKVI is not taking enquiries over the phone, but as an international student in UK, you can email them There are several segmented approach to COVID19 latest information norms and rules for –




Northern Ireland

First of all, some good news! Each of these above countries has removed their traffic light systems to deal with inbound international students in each nation since 4th October 2021. The standard protocols followed are that all international students coming to UK to study in 2021 session, will be divided into ‘fully vaccinated group’ and ‘not vaccinated group’. If you want more COVID19 information then use the British govt website ( to know procure exact information. The colour coding is for countries and here is the list of countries , where you will also find rules for travelling to England, what to do when student arrives in England, if you are transiting through a red listed country and reach England to study. Additionally as an international student to UK you may also need to know the medical, status of COVID19 requirements, and stay up to date.

Before you travel to England as an International student, please do the following –

  • · take a COVID-19 test – you must take the test in the 3 days before you travel to England
  • · book a quarantine hotel package, including 2 COVID-19 tests
  • · complete a passenger locator form

International student arriving at England need to do the following in 2021:

  • · Must quarantine in a managed hotel, and its mandatory to take 2 COVID-19 tests.
  • · Even if you have children (Children aged 11 to 17 must take a COVID-19 test in the 3 days before travel to England), (On arrival in England children aged 5 to 17 must quarantine in a managed hotel for 10 full days and take 2 COVID-19 tests), (Children aged 4 or under do not have to take any travel tests but must enter managed quarantine).

As an international student to UK, are there any chances of medical or compassionate exemptions-

‘Managed quarantine’ is intended to help protect the UK from new and potentially harmful variants of coronavirus and is required when returning from a ‘Red List’ country only.If you need support or care from a family member who has travelled with you, or is already in the UK, they should join you in managed quarantine.

Compassionate exemptions from Managed Quarantine (In extremely limited circumstances)

Who exemptions apply to-

  • Exemptions will only apply to the individual making the application.
  • If you are travelling with a child (someone who is under 18) and you are granted an exemption, the child will still be required to enter managed quarantine with another parent, guardian or appropriate adult who has travelled as part of your group.
  • If you are travelling with a child and there is no other parent, guardian or appropriate adult in your group, your child may be eligible for an exemption from managed quarantine.

If you are NOT granted an exemption

  • If you are not granted a compassionate exemption you will be required to enter an MQF upon arrival in the UK.
  • You may request an administrative review of a decision not to grant an exemption request, at any time, including during your stay in the MQF.
  • If you wish to request an administrative review, please send an email to clearly indicating that you are requesting a review

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