Boris Johnson Visits India – What’s in Store!


Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits India on a two-day trade trip rousing high hopes for economic betterment among the citizens of the two countries. After stepping onto the Indian Land, the Prime Minister, on his first stop, visited the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Gujarat Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupendra Patel felicitated the PM at the Ashram. As Mr. Johnson indulges in cloth spinning on a cloth wheel inside the iconic Indian heritage wrapped in the memories of non-violent, anti-colonial nationalist, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, strong controversy kept going on in the British Parliament against Mr. Boris for breaking the Covid-restrictions in his governmental residence.

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What to Know about this High-Profile Tour of Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson with Narendra Modi - Stunited
Image: India Today

The Prime Minister received a copy of Madeleine Slade’s Autobiography as a gift in the Sabarmati Ashram. After paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi by penning down a few words about his experience of visiting the Ashram, Boris visited a few sites in Gujarat including Akshardham Temple, Biotechnology University, and JCB Company Plant. After Gujarat, the PM is to leave for Delhi as per his plan of action. In Delhi, a meeting with the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Nerendra Modi awaits his way. After this exquisite tête-à-tête, he is to participate in an assembly of the industrialists of India. This much-awaited trip has much more in store to be unfolded during the PM’s stay in the country. The primary purpose behind this visit is to generate and increase business between UK and India.

Objectives of this Remarkable Meeting

The main objective of this visit is to strengthen the foundation of Investment and Bilateral Trade between India and the United Kingdom. Johnson expressed his wish to receive huge investments from the Indian industrialists from Gujarat who stay in the UK and India. In return, he promises hazard-free Visa access for Indian inhabitants and a lower cost for the same. His goal is to increase Indian Business up to two thousand eight hundred pounds within 2035. Boris says that to recover the huge deficit of professionals, especially in the IT and Programming sectors in the UK, it is important to increase immigration. Besides, the UK Prime Minister expressed his willingness to discuss the Russia-Ukraine War and its ill effects on the economy, peace, and equilibrium in the World. He may also talk over the position of Britain and western countries regarding this issue, with Mr. Modi. This meeting can also be expected to reinforce the security bonding between India and UK.

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What’s Good about Mr. Boris’ Visit to India

Good news for Indian Students - PM Boris increases Indian immigration
Image: Google

It is a piece of great news for Indian students and professionals who have been nourishing hopes for settling, working, or studying in the UK as the process of getting Student, Work, and Immigration Visas can be expected to be hazardless after this business bonding is finally created. A huge number of employment opportunities to create if the PM’s wish for the commercial treaty finally takes place by the end of this year. This is indeed a delightful condition for the individuals preparing for getting jobs in the UK and India. The two countries may announce a joint investment fund to back the Indian AI and Deep-tech start-ups and a Digital Health Partnership after the deal. So, this commercial bond between India and UK can be highly advantageous for the overall economic and social status of the countries concerned.

Altogether, the conclusion is that the visit of Prime Minister, Mr. Boris Johnson to India is raising expectations among political, healthcare, science, technology, and business sectors along with among the students and professionals of the UK and India for a brighter future.


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