Apply for free STEM degrees in Europe


In Europe, Schoolnet consists of 34 Ministries of Education collaborating with education institutions, researchers and companies to innovate education. EU places importance to equal opportunity keeping international students in mind and attract the best STEM students across the world. In order to provide better learning experiences for students, the STEM is one of Schoolnet’s main focuses offers free STEM courses, along with scholarships for STEM courses. So which organisation offers this?

1) STEM Alliance – which promotes STEM jobs and the development of graduates with STEM skills.

2) Scientix – which shares STEM teaching materials and encourages the collaboration between policymakers, researchers, teachers and other people from the STEM field throughout Europe.

How much does a STEM degree cost?

Tuition fees for STEM degrees at EU top universities and STEM degrees at EU colleges can start at 1,000 EUR/year and reach up to 45,000 EUR/year. There are many European higher education institutions offering free STEM degree courses.

Most popular EU universities offering free STEM degrees in EU:

1. Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

2. LUT University, Finland

3. Uppsala University, Sweden

4. University of Bergen, Norway

5. University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

What STEM scholarships and financial aid are available for international students?

STEM scholarships are offered by EU STEM universities, national and international institutions

While there is no unified online platform for STEM students, where you can search for STEM scholarships worldwide, websites like help higher education students to engage in social networking, discuss with alumni to know first hand information about campus, STEM college, STEM scholarships, acceptance rate, STEM eligibility, STEM admission process.

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