Admission to Oxford MBA 1+1 degree


Admission to Oxford MBA 1+1 degree

Oxford 1+1 MBA: Combine a master’s degree with our one-year MBA
Start dates: September 2023 / September 2024
Duration: 2 years
Time commitment: Full time
Location: Oxford UK
A unique two-year experience

The admission to Oxford 1+1 MBA programme in UK,  is an opportunity for talented individuals to combine a Master’s degree from selected Oxford University departments with our one-year MBA.

As the global business environment becomes increasingly complex and interconnected, this powerful joint degree combination allows you to gain deep knowledge and expertise in your specialist fields, as well as developing a comprehensive understanding of business, exceptional leadership skills and practical experience.

You will spend your first year completing a Master’s in your chosen discipline before joining the MBA in your second year.

As soon as you start the 1+1 MBA, you will become an integral part of our diverse community, developing strong relationships with current MBA students, international alumni, prominent academics, and expert practitioners.

You will also have full access to the career and professional development resources of the business school throughout your time in Oxford on this. You will become a dynamic leader who is able to use management practices to translate specific knowledge into practical applications with wide-reaching impact.

Year One

Blavatnik School of Government
Deepen your knowledge with a Master’s degree from one of our partnering departments at the University of Oxford, including the Master of Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, the MSc in Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science, the MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, and the MSc in Environmental Change and Management at the School of Geography and the Environment.

Year Two
Broaden your business skills as an Oxford MBA student. Our curriculum of core business principles and tailored elective courses will help you to extend the learnings from your Master’s degree and accelerate your career. As an Oxford 1+1 MBA student, you will have access to the network of Saïd Business School from day one, so that by the time you begin your MBA in year two you are already a fully entrenched member of the wider Saïd Business School community.

How To apply for the Oxford 1+1 MBA

As a candidate for the Oxford 1+1 MBA, you will need to submit two separate applications, one to your chosen partnering programme and one to the Oxford MBA.

Both programmes will have their own entry requirements, application deadlines and admissions process. Research both programmes to ensure you have everything you need to submit by the required deadlines.

Application process Oxford 1+1 MBA

Entry requirements Oxford 1+1 MBA

You must meet the entry requirements for both the Oxford MBA and your chosen partnering master’s programme individually, and submit separate applications to both programmes before their respective deadlines.

Browse partnering programmes and their respective application requirements.

View Oxford MBA application requirements.

Apply to the partnering Master’s degree of your choice
Apply for your chosen master’s programme according to their application process and entry requirements, by their January deadline. Each of our partnering master’s programmes has its own application form, deadlines and requirements.

Depending on your chosen programme, some shortlisted applicants may be interviewed.

Successful applicants will receive an offer for their chosen master’s degree.

Apply for the Oxford MBA programme

Apply to the Oxford MBA by following our application process and entry requirements, by our January deadline. For 2023-25 intake, this will be January 2023.

In addition to the written statement and online assessment required for the Oxford MBA application, 1+1 MBA applicants are required to submit this essay:

‘Explain why you see the 1+1 MBA as particularly beneficial for you and how it fits with your career and personal development aims’ (maximum 250 words).
Ensure you indicate that you are applying for the 1+1 within your MBA application.

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed.

There are three possible outcomes after applying to the Oxford 1+1 MBA;

If you are admitted to both programmes, you will then become a 1+1 MBA student: 1+1 MBA students stay in the same college for the two years; your choice of college will be determined by the partner programme. The Admissions team will guide you through this process.
If you are admitted to the MSc but not the MBA: You are welcome to accept your MSc offer. If you would like to try again to apply for the MBA programme, you are welcome to re-apply during your MSc.
If you are admitted to the MBA but not your MSc of choice: The MBA admissions committee may offer you a place to join the MBA programme in the first year or alternatively reject your application should your MSc application be unsuccessful.
Frequently asked questions
If you have additional questions about the application requirements or admissions process for applying to the Oxford 1+1 MBA, please browse our FAQs.

Pershing Square Scholarship for Oxford 1+1 MBA

Every year, the Pershing Square Foundation awards up to six full scholarships to support outstanding students on Oxford 1+1 MBA, covering the course fees in full and providing a grant for living expenses for both the Master’s and the MBA degrees.

Pershing Square Scholars are exceptional individuals in Oxford 1+1 MBA degree who can demonstrate the potential and commitment to finding scalable and sustainable solutions to world-scale social challenges. The scholarship is designed for Oxford 1+1 MBA students who would like to pursue any of the partnering Master’s degrees and combine it with our MBA.

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