While practical work experience is extremely important for honing your employability skills, internships and full-time/part-time jobs cannot be always easily found. If you are struggling and finding it difficult to secure a placement in the UK, don’t panic. On-the-job work experience is not the only solution to developing your skills and abilities that will allow you to be employed. In this post, we’ll discuss various activities that can set you apart from other candidates and improve your employability- all it would need is dynamism and an urge to learn.

This post outlines 7 powerful ways in which you can improve your chances of employment.

Enroll for online short courses

To improve your graduate employability, you can enroll yourself in short courses to hone your employability skill sets. Online courses of different durations are available in a wide range of subjects. Therefore, if you intend to learn any specific course (say, any software/data analysis/market research/ administration/management/language/soft skill/economics/ and many others), you’ll invariably find a course for you.

These online courses may or may not be related to your field of study. Any course undertaken by you shows your dynamism, drive to learn new things and organizational skills.

Top course providers include Coursera, Udemy, and FutureLearn among others. Several universities offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which you can join free of cost.

Learn a new language

Learning a second/third language can help you stand out in a stiffly competitive job market and enhance employability. Nowadays, businesses are more and more becoming global, therefore, mastering a foreign language that is widely used (for example, French. Spanish, German) will certainly help you gain an advantage over others.

The diligence, determination, and dedication required for learning a new language will surely impress hiring managers.

There are abundant online as well as auditory learning resources available these days to assist you to become multi-lingual.

Start reading for enhancing employability skills

If you want to be prepared for the real professional world of business, then you need to carry out extensive research into the targeted industry segment you intend to join. You also have to closely follow the business establishments of interest, their new projects, accomplishments, and any other big news associated with those companies. Additionally, to find out what different roles in that segment include and closely note diverse job profiles.

You can also follow chosen business establishments on social media platforms to remain updated with the current developments at those companies and to learn about job openings.

You can also prepare for interviews (both in-person and virtual interviews) and ensure that you are aware of things to be expected in the interview beforehand.

 Take Up a Hobby

Taking up a new hobby shows your initiative, enthusiasm, drive, and passion for learning new things. It will also help you to fill up the “hobbies and interests” segment in your CV or job application forms.

There are different options that you can take into consideration for enhancing employability skills. For instance, you can

  • Learn a musical instrument
  • Learn new skills such as art, music, craft, and painting
  • Participate in a regional sports club
  • Learn photography
  • Learn gardening and how to plant trees
  • Learn a coding language

Improve social media presence

Explore social channels and ask yourself if they’re professional. These days, hiring managers do check the social media accounts of applicants to estimate whether the applicants would be a good fit for the company.

Check and clean up your social media channels

You can consider adjusting the privacy settings of your social media accounts. If you don’t want hiring managers of companies to see your profiles, then they can check and ensure they’re set to private.

If your profile is made public, then you have to delete the posts that could degrade your character and eventually your possibilities of success-for instance, inappropriate language/pictures/controversial posts, etc.

Also, consider whether your account looks professional. If it is not, then apply the changes.

Consider whether your profile handle looks/sounds professional. If not, change it.

To improve your social media presence:

You can follow business organizations and many other professional business entities of your interest to stay updated with the current news and new developments.

Also, like, comment, and network with employers and colleagues.

At the time of posting, don’t forget to include the pertinent hashtags to make sure your posts are seen by the targeted people.

You can also think about setting up separate accounts for work.

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Work as a volunteer

You can search for a volunteering opportunity and work as a helper as it looks wonderful on your CV and will allow you to learn transferable skills. These volunteering activities don’t always have to be associated with your career/academic field.

Design the perfect CV

Don’t underestimate the importance of a CV as an important factor of employability. At the time of applying for jobs, you’ll have to keep it updated and fit to pass the initial screening stage. Therefore, it is recommended to cast an analytical eye over your resume. You’ll have to check whether your CV appropriately demonstrates you’re abilities and promotes your candidacy. Does it contain unnecessary/redundant or incorrect information? Is the format and layout of the CV properly designed? Is the profile statement/summary concisely describing your academic credentials, work achievements (if any), your objectives? Also, you’ll have to look through and identify all types of grammatical or typing errors.

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