10 tips to study faster and better in UK universities


Every student in UK wants to improve grades in their UK university courses. STUNITED largest student social networking site presents 10 tips to study faster and better in UK universities. Either you spend more time study or you need to learn smart ways to excel in studies in UK universities. A typical student life in UK university, is attending UK class lectures, browse e-books, check out UK assignments in Moodle, summer internship in UK companies, end term projects in UK, appear for class presentation, participate in group task, tests ; all of which shows that it is about time based commitment. The British higher education system requires every UK student, especially the international student in UK Bachelors, international student in UK Masters or international student in UK PhD to adapt to the UK higher education system. Most of the international student in UK universities try to cope with the work load, learn and produce UK assignments, UK summer internship report, UK end term projects to qualify for UK PSW requirements.

Here are the ten tips for UK students in UK universities-

1) Absorb information about class lectures from different sources

Rule one, attend classes regularly not for attendance, but listen intently what professors tells in UK university lectures. Read the recommended books, which your Professor tells, additionally try to watch a Youtube video, pen down major points when you read your subject matter book. Further more, if you have UK classmates staying with you, tell learning or conceptual problems to each other, teach your friend which improves your revision of the chapter.

2) Study the hard subjects first

Yes, there are some which will be easy for you, while there are some UK university subjects which appear hard to master. STUNITED student social networking site in UK experts, recommend that every student has capabilities but not exploited. Focus on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the tough subjects as post weekend your student brain can assimilate more fresh inputs.

3) Read and review periodically, don’t cram

The periodic review of the hard subjects in UK university and leave them for time being. So give your brain rest, take a walk, jog around in campus, or hit the gymnasium. These light exercises in UK university helps to shift the focus from head to the student body, easing the learning stress in UK students, distributing the blood and making mind free.

4) Sit in the front row

When you sit at the back rows of the lecture hall, you get distracted as the professor is too far away, so make sure you are bold, and take a seat in the front row. Or at least the second and third row. Seating in a lecture hall impacts the student ability to listen intently to the professor lecture.

5) Don’t multi task

The students in the UK universities tend to multi task in this era of stimulation. STUNITED UK higher education student networking site, recommends

· Turn off digital addiction completely when you study (airplane mode)

· Log out of all social media platforms

· Declutter your study area, tell your room mate that your are studying

6) Simplify learning method

The rule for complex academic concepts to be learned, academic theories to be understood effectively and efficiently depends on some intelligent learning strategies.

Using MNEMONIC (Google it) to remember the factors, challenges of a new concept, you can learn and remember faster UK university course study.

7) Take notes by writing

This learning strategy mimics what you hear in your UK university class lecture, and it helps your brain to rewire, the content told by your professor to be written in your own language. This notes taking habit in the UK classroom, however require to be rewritten or read when you reach your room solidifying the concepts to remain in your brain coded strongly.

8) Write down to do list everyday

This is a systematic approach to the routinising the 24 hours of the day, where the aggregate UK student workload (reading, writing) UK assignments help to be completed on time. It reduces the student stress of work undone, helping to reduce worries or stress in the UK student.

9) Test yourself in many ways

You may read a prescribed book, but your batchmate is using another reference book of same subject by different author. You try reading that book too, to get the approach and perspectives to learn a subject. It expands your thinking and learning from this act, helping you to get better knowledge assimilation on that subject.

10) Connect with others on learning

The things that you don’t know and things that you know needs to be exchanged. So effective study techniques is through the exchange of concepts of the knowledge that you have, discuss by forming a group that helps to learning by listening (most powerful method), learning new things from your batchmates (which you were not aware).

All of these are micro habits that students in UK universities can adopt to make learning process to be more effective. Follow these 10 tips to study faster and better in UK universities. STUNITED is the largest higher education student networking site. Join NOW, get noticed, make friends, explore opportunities for a great career in UK.

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