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Vaishali Solanki

Hi, I am Vaishali Solanki and here is my story of success!
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My Background:

My academic journey led me to London, where I pursued an MBA. This decision was pivotal in broadening my horizons, as the program covered a comprehensive range of subjects, including finance, marketing, and operations. I not only excelled academically but also developed leadership and communication skills through group projects and presentations.

During my MBA journey, I took a significant step in my career by undertaking an HR Internship at Lini Assets Limited. In this role, I managed employee benefits, organized training programs, and maintained vital records, providing me with a holistic understanding of the critical role played by HR in organizational success.

My Journey:

In the initial stages of my career, I embarked on a unique path as an invigilator at ION Digital Zone. My responsibilities encompassed maintaining the sanctity of exams and ensuring students’ confidence. This role was instrumental in shaping my foundation, imparting skills like attention to detail, effective communication, and maintaining composure in high-pressure situations.

After dedicating 2.5 years to this role, I chose to pursue higher education, taking my career to the next level.

My Achievements:

My journey has been punctuated by significant achievements. From my early leadership roles as head prefect during my school years to my impactful contributions to my workplaces, I consistently demonstrated excellence. My tenure at Goodra Investments Ltd saw me play a crucial administrative and business supervision role, leading to the company’s growth and the construction of new properties, including shopping malls.

At DFCU Bank, I contributed to improving customer service and sales, helping to save my branch from closure. As General Manager at KAM Distributors Ltd, I oversaw the revamping of the transport fleet and a substantial increase in distribution capabilities. My dedication and management acumen translated into financial growth and a motivated workforce.

My journey reached a new chapter as I embraced a placement role as a Distribution Network Manager at Stunited, furthering my commitment to personal and professional development.


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