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Sruthi Ravi

Hi, I am Sruthi Ravi and here is my story of success!
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My Background:

I successfully completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering, marking the first significant step in my educational journey. Building on my undergraduate achievements, I pursued a Master’s in Computer Science, demonstrating my commitment to advancing my knowledge and expertise. I ventured into the world of education as a Computer Studies teacher at Good Shepherd International School, where I honed my teaching skills and gained four years of invaluable experience. My role as a teacher allowed me to impart my knowledge of technology to primary and middle school students, fostering their growth and understanding of the digital world. Notably, I prepared primary and middle school students for Cambridge ICT assessments, achieving remarkable success with 90% of students securing Merit. Presently, I am enrolled in the MSc Computer Science (with industrial placement) program at the University of East London, where I continue to expand my horizon.

My Journey:

My journey is a testament to the power of adaptability and the pursuit of one’spassions. Initially, I had a strong inclination toward Biology during my school days. However, as I completed my Higher Secondary School, I realized the pivotal role that technology would play in shaping the future. With the aspiration to contribute to the field of Biology using innovative technologies, I decided to pursue Computer Science Engineering.
Throughout my academic journey, I approached computer science with a unique perspective, always mindful of how it could intersect with the world of Biology. This curiosity and eagerness to embrace new technologies only grew stronger over time. For my Bachelor’s project, I delved into the realm of Biometric Recognition, working on the project titled ‘IDENTITY-BASED DATA OUTSOURCING WITH FINGERPRINT ANALYSIS. Following my Bachelor’s degree, I embraced a teaching role at Good Shepherd International School, where I not only connected with my students but also conducted myself professionally. The weekly professional development sessions were instrumental in enhancing my teaching skills and overall professionalism. Recognizing the need to further sharpen my computer science skills and pursuemy passion for the subject, I made the decision to pursue a Master’s in Computer Science in the United Kingdom. Here, I embarked on a research journey to explore the application of AI techniques in preventing heatstroke using physiological data, effectively bridging the worlds of computer science and biology. During my time pursuing a Master’s degree in the UK, I also had the privilege ofteaching computing to upper school learners, providing me with a platform to gain a deeper understanding of international cultures and educational systems.

My Learning:

My journey from a Biology enthusiast to a computer science educator and researcher has been a continuous learning process. It has reinforced the importance of adaptability, the pursuit of one’s passions, and the power of interdisciplinary knowledge. Every step of this journey has taught me that with dedication, an open mind, and a commitment to learning, one can achieve remarkable personal and professional growth

My Achievements:

During my Bachelor’s journey, I was appointed as the Vice-President of my department, showcasing leadership and dedication to my academic community. I actively participated in workshops on Big Data and Data Analytics, Software Testing, and Image Processing, expanding my knowledge base. With a passion for enhancing communication skills and vocabulary, I undertook English tests provided by the British Council and achieved a commendable level of C1-Advanced in English Core skills tests. To bolster my professional confidence, I completed a Udemy course by Alexa Fischer on ‘Radiate Confidence,’ ensuring that I am well-prepared for the professional world. I acquired certifications in Matlab, specifically in Machine Learning, Image Processing, and Deep Learning, underscoring my commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.

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