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Shreya Das

My Background:

I am a tech-savvy person with an inclination towards creativity in various forms, and gaining knowledge. I have successfully completed my Master’s degree in Science (Dietetics & Community Nutrition Management) which is my highest qualification at this point. Additionally, I have pursued and completed a diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and customer Service Management after my Bachelor’s degree in Science (Food & Nutrition Hons.). Besides, I have completed several certificate courses in Digital Marketing and web Development to channel my career into this field. In 2012, right after my Higher Secondary Examination, I completed basic and advanced Communication and public Speaking courses from the reputed organisation Rama Krishna Mission, India.
My passion for photography has led me to learn this field in-depth along with designing and usage of various editing tools and I employ these skills in my current job position as well. I now understand why they say that no knowledge goes in vain!
Over the past few years, I have worked as an Intern Dietitian at hospitals, a Content Developer, a Digital Marketing Executive and finally became the Digital Marketing Manager at Stunited CIC where I enjoy my liberty to do what I love, to be able to use my hard-earned skills and my professional growth which my organization offers in terms of diversity in tasks, skill development, plenty of opportunities to think creative and make decisions.

My Journey:

Upon completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I initially aspired to pursue a career as an air hostess. However, due to specific physical attributes that impeded this pursuit, I shifted my focus and secured a position as an Intern Dietitian at a prestigious hospital.
Throughout this transitional period, I yearned to explore a path that resonated more deeply with my inner aspirations, yet I remained uncertain about the exact direction to take.
In pursuit of better prospects, I ventured into Content Development, which eventually piqued my interest in various facets of Digital Marketing, including SEO, Content Marketing, Website Design, and related fields. The versatility of this domain appealed to my creative inclinations, inspiring me to delve deeper into the realm of Digital Marketing and Content Creation.
Consequently, I obtained my first professional role in the realm of Digital Marketing, serving as an executive. Embracing this position with utmost enthusiasm, I dedicated myself to continuous self-improvement, expanding my knowledge of Digital Marketing tools, diverse platforms, brand establishment, and other relevant subjects. This growth eventually led me to establish my own website, www.thegulpcentral.com, a platform focused on Food and wellness.
The creation of this website served dual purposes: first, to enhance my proficiency in Website Development, Design, and Digital Marketing; secondly, to share my academic expertise and assist aspiring learners in this field and those seeking guidance in matters concerning Food and wellness.
In due course, I made significant strides in my career, securing a coveted role at Stunited CIC as the Assistant Digital Marketing Manager, subsequently progressing to become the Manager of the same department.
While my journey has been marked by challenges and triumphs alike, I wholeheartedly embrace every circumstance that has shaped my current life, a life that I have come to cherish deeply. I now possess a profound sense of clarity regarding my career path, and I remain steadfast in my commitment to continuous upskilling, aspiring to surpass my previous achievements and excel in my chosen field.

My Learning:

My professional journey in Digital Marketing has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill acquisition, culminating in expertise across a diverse array of essential competencies. Among these proficiencies are the art of crafting effective marketing strategies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, adept utilization of Google Analytics, and proficiency in curating digital advertisements. Additionally, I possess competence in affiliate marketing, as well as prowess in creating compelling textual and visual content, demonstrating proficiency in designing websites, executing email marketing campaigns, and exhibiting adeptness in the fields of creative writing, copywriting, and project management.
• My intrinsic curiosity and enthusiasm for learning have prompted me to expand my skill set even further. As a result, I have embraced the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, ventured into UX/UI designing, and harnessed the power of AI-driven content generation, among other additional skills.
• Complementing my specialized knowledge in Digital Marketing, I have augmented my capabilities through the pursuit of Diploma and certificate courses. These learning experiences have enriched my expertise in communication and public speaking, honed my prowess in providing exceptional customer service, and fortified my management skills.
• Drawing from my academic endeavours, I have garnered valuable insights into the realms of nutritional counselling, diet management, and the art of patient handling, further enhancing my professional repertoire.
• Beyond the realm of tangible skills and academic achievements, my journey has been profoundly influenced by a series of transformative life lessons. These invaluable experiences have instilled within me a resilient spirit and provided me with an unwavering sense of personal growth, empowering me to continuously strive for excellence in all facets of life.

My Achievements:

Establishing a purpose-driven personal website stands as a significant milestone in my professional journey, reflecting an accomplishment that I hold in high regard.
• Venturing into Digital Marketing, distinct from my academic background, has been an immensely gratifying experience. Embracing this pursuit enabled me to delve into my true capabilities, transcending the confines of conventional qualifications, thus marking it as a noteworthy personal triumph.
• Successfully attaining a Master’s degree with a commendable average score of 74%, signifying a first-class achievement, adds to the credentials that I have diligently earned.
• Gaining recognition for my photographic prowess, witnessed through the display of my works in diverse Photography exhibitions within and beyond the borders of India, serves as a testament to my dedication and talent in this field.
• Numerous designs curated by me, catering to diverse purposes such as Websites and various other applications, have been featured and disseminated through esteemed organizations, including my current employer. As a result, I have garnered trust and admiration from prominent business leaders who have expressed genuine appreciation for the quality and efficacy of my work.


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