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Shalna Shirin

Hi, I am Shalna Shirin and here is my story of success!
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My Background:

My journey commenced at the University of Bahrain, where I embarked on a path of academic excellence, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. This foundational education laid the groundwork for my future endeavors. Post-graduation, I embarked on a journey of practical exploration.

My Journey:

My postgraduate life led me to Bahrain, where I ventured into the dynamic realm of business and customer service. As an intern, I played a pivotal role in inviting vendors to participate in a delivery service application. This role entailed intensive sales calling and customer service, revealing to me that the essence of sales lies in not just customer interaction but in onboarding them and ensuring mutual understanding.

My quest for diverse experiences then took me to Oman, where I assumed the role of an Administration Assistant. Here, I embraced multifaceted responsibilities, ranging from managing incoming calls to scheduling vital meetings and appointments. Crafting and disseminating correspondence, including letters and memos, became second nature.

However, my journey didn’t stop here. It was fueled by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a determination to fortify my administrative and management skills. Hence, I embarked on the MBA program, a transformative educational voyage that is equipping me with the indispensable tools needed to thrive in the United Kingdom.

In parallel, I took on the role of a Cover Supervisor at Mana Education, working across different schools. In this capacity, I oversaw secondary school students, providing guidance, assigning tasks, and coordinating their classwork schedules. This experience not only enhanced my organizational skills but also provided invaluable insights into educational dynamics.

My Learning:

The ability to pivot and thrive in diverse roles is a powerful skill.
Clear communication is the cornerstone of successful sales and administration.
An unquenchable thirst for knowledge is the key to personal and professional growth.

My journey is far from over. It is an ever-evolving quest for excellence, guided by adaptability, a commitment to learning, and the unwavering desire to make meaningful contributions in the realm of business and beyond.

My Achievements:

My journey, marked by diverse experiences, has led to numerous accomplishments:

I honed my sales skills by inviting vendors to participate in a delivery service application, recognizing that success hinges on effective onboarding and mutual understanding.
My role as an Administration Assistant strengthened my organizational abilities and refined my communication skills.
Working as a Cover Supervisor at Mana Education provided me with a profound understanding of the dynamics of secondary education.


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