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Kulwinder Kumar

Hi, I’m Kulwinder Kumar, and my journey is a testament to how diverse experiences can shape a successful business career. Here’s a glimpse into my background, journey, achievements, and learnings.

My Background:

Hailing from a middle-class family in Punjab, India, I embarked on a path of continuous learning and exploration. I earned my Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree in 2008, setting the foundation for my educational pursuits.
After my graduation, I ventured to Australia, where I completed an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management in 2010. Immersed in the hospitality industry, I worked at the front desk and honed my culinary skills in the kitchen. Amidst this, I embraced the rich and diverse Australian culture, expanding my horizons beyond academics.

My Journey:

My Career took a significant turn as I progressed to an assistant manager role in the hospitality industry, where I further developed skills in management, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Subsequently, I transitioned to the customer care field, gaining insights into customer relationship management during my nearly 4-year tenure at a prominent Australian company.
After 8 years abroad, I returned to India in 2016 with a bold vision. I founded an education business specializing in IELTS preparation. The venture flourished over 4 years, marking my ability to translate dedication into tangible success. During this period, I pursued a bachelor’s degree in the education field, expanding my knowledge in tandem with my business endeavors.
Seeking new horizons, I made my way to the UK in 2021 to pursue an MBA at the University of Northampton, driven by a thirst for further business insights and growth.

My Learning:

From my humble beginnings in a small Indian village to traversing continents and industries, I’ve garnered a wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences. My journey has been a continuous learning process, driven by curiosity and the desire to make a positive impact.
Today, as I pursue my MBA in the UK, my journey is far from over. I’m on a quest to further leverage my life and professional experiences to contribute meaningfully to the world of business. With each step, I’m driven by the conviction that the amalgamation of diverse experiences is the key to unlocking success in a dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape.

My Achievements:

My journey is punctuated by notable achievements that underline my versatility and determination. While working with TAB company in Australia, I nurtured skills in communication, teamwork, and technical proficiency. As a result of my dedication and hard work, I successfully established a thriving education business in the highly competitive market within just 4 years.
Notably, I secured an 8-month internship at Stunited, where I assumed the role of a Business Development Manager. This opportunity allowed me to apply my cumulative experiences and knowledge to drive business growth and development.


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