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Jayamol Dharmaseela

  • Finance Assistant Intern
  • Stunited CIC
  • Northampton
Hi, I am Jayamol Dharmaseela, and my success story is a testament to my tenacity and commitment in the field of business administration. Armed with a graduation degree in Business Administration, I embarked on a journey that showcased my potential for leadership and continuous growth.


My professional voyage began with a branch-level position in my home country, India, where I honed my skills and quickly progressed into a managerial role. However, my zeal for new experiences led me to explore diverse opportunities, leading to a career break of two years due to personal commitments after getting married and relocating to the UAE.


Determined to pursue my passion for business and rise above challenges, I returned to my initial employer after the break, seizing the chance to take up a higher position as a branch manager. This decision exhibited my unwavering commitment to excel in my chosen path and strive for excellence.


Throughout my career, I achieved remarkable milestones that set me apart as an outstanding professional. My exceptional sales performance earned me recognition as the best sales performer in my organization, highlighting my ability to effectively communicate and build strong client relationships. My experience navigating through diverse roles instilled in me the ability to adapt to new challenges and bounce back stronger from setbacks.


Motivated by my thirst for knowledge and career advancement, I took a bold step and applied for a master’s in business administration at the esteemed University of Northampton in the UK. This pivotal decision opened doors to new opportunities for personal growth and academic excellence.
As I progress in my professional journey, I continue to make remarkable strides, leaving a lasting positive impact on the business world and inspiring those around me. My success story serves as an inspiration to others, showcasing the power of determination, continuous learning, and the pursuit of excellence in achieving one’s career aspirations. With my unwavering dedication and unwavering commitment, I am determined to continue excelling in my chosen path and contributing meaningfully to the business landscape.


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