Gloria Shaji

  • Finance Assistant
  • Lini Asset
  • Northampton
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Hi, I am Gloria Shaji, and my success story is a testament to my unwavering dedication and continuous pursuit of excellence. After completing my bachelor’s degree in commerce, I took a step further and pursued a diploma in SAP, showcasing my specialization in ERP software. This decision to acquire specialized skills proved to be pivotal in my journey.


My career took off as an account assistant at Total Tax Solutions, where I gained six months of valuable practical experience in accounting and tax-related tasks. This hands-on experience further strengthened my foundation in the field of finance and accounting.


My journey to higher education was marked by determination and adaptability. Initially, I aspired to pursue my higher studies abroad and started my processing to study in Malta. However, my plans were disrupted by the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic. Undeterred, I quickly adapted to the changing circumstances and redirected my efforts towards studying in the United Kingdom, which led me to the prestigious MBA program at the University of Northampton.


Throughout my career, I have achieved remarkable milestones that set me apart as an outstanding professional. My exceptional sales performance earned me recognition as the best sales performer in my organization, highlighting my ability to effectively communicate and build strong client relationships. My innate leadership qualities and managerial acumen were acknowledged with the prestigious title of “Best Manager,” affirming my capacity to lead and inspire others.


As I progress in my MBA program and beyond, I continue to inspire others with my determination, adaptability, and commitment to lifelong learning. My success story serves as a shining example of what can be achieved through perseverance, dedication, and the courage to embrace change.


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