My Background

1. Successfully completed bachelor’ s degree in commerce
2. Additionally I have pursued a diploma in SAP
3. I worked as an account assistant at Total tax solutions with 6 months experience
4. Demonstrating practical experience in accounting and tax related tasks.
5. Then I tried to continue my higher studies especially in an international university. so that now iam  studying in MBA in University of Northampton in United kingdom

My Journey

1. After completed my bachelor’s degree I had done a diploma in SAP,showcasing my specialisation in erp software
2. Then I worked as an account assistant for six months
3. Then I initially planned to continue my higher studies and planned to achieve a master’s in business administration,so first time I started my processing to continue my educational journey by studying in Malta.
4. Unfortunately,my plans to study in Malta were disrupted due to covid 19 pandemic.
5. Undeterred by the challenge posed by the pandemic, I redirected my efforts towards studying in UK.
6. Iam Currently enrolled in an MBA programme at University of Northampton in UK.

My learnings

1. Specialisation in SAP FI and CO
2. Business and financial management skill through bachelor’s degree in commerce and work experience as an account assistant
3. Leadership and management development through studying MBA  
4.Adaptability and resilience 
5. International exposure and cultural understanding


1. In my bachelor’s degree period, I could participate a national youth parliament competition in India. I believe that it was one of my best opportunity to develop my Internal skills .
2.Through  Attaining a diploma in SAP, I had acquired specialized knowledge and skills in ERP software. This certification can be seen as achievements and iam expertise in a specific area of business technology
3. From my diploma course , I could study SAP, QuickBooks, Peachtree,and advanced excel. It was one of my best achievements to develop my future career.