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Navigating Career in Logistics & Supply Chain Industry

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16th January, 2024



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13:00PM – 14.00PM

Navigating Through The Webinar

Welcome to our webinar on “Navigating Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.” Join us as we explore what these fields entail, discover how job seekers can seize opportunities, delve into the latest industry trends and challenges, and access valuable resources and tips to boost your career. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey together!

Learn everything about Logistics and Supply Chain

Insights of the Webinar

History of

Structure of
Supply Chain Management

Shaping The Industry

Challenges & Solutions

Opportunities For
Job Seekers

Employers Look For

Who Is This For?

This webinar is tailored specifically for job seekers in the field of supply chain management. We’ve designed it to provide you with essential insights, strategies, and resources to excel in your career pursuit. Welcome, and let’s get started on this path to success!

16th January, 2024

13:00PM – 14:00PM

Duration: 1 Hr

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Alongside plenty of knowledge on the mentioned topic and an Attendance Certificate, we will provide all the attendees with our Personal Branding Package for absolutely FREE of COST!

Meet Our Hosts

Pascal Mwesigye


Shubham-Tiwari- Stunited.org

Shubham Tiwari


Christo Varghese


Shalna Shirin - Stunited.org

Shalna Shirin


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Ammu Asokan Manju
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“I gathered inspiration and motivation from Stunited Webinars that helped me during my internship days in the UK.”
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