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Aug 14

Mastery of Wealth Building In The Black Community with Robin Walker

August 14, 2023


Robin Walker, author of Black Wall Street, together with The Black Secret Business Project are hosting a 14-weekly session online Wealth Mastery course.


Gain mastery of Wealth Building in the Black Community with The Black Secret is a powerful course. It will teach you systematically how to financially develop yourself and the Community. You will learn how to walk the six-year journey to financial freedom, and the shortcuts. From there, you will learn the 14-year journey to achieving massive net worth, and again, the shortcuts. You will learn the skills of budgeting, money management, personal development, masterminding, passive income creation, business formation, selling, copy writing, and fastlane business strategies. Moreover, you will discover how to pass your wealth vehicles and the correct success principles on to your children.


Sunday Evenings from 7th May 2023 to 13th August 2023 at 7.00pm GMT, ONLINE



• The Challenges faced by the Black Community in Making Money

• From Agenda Follower to Budgetary Control

• Black Wall Street and Wealth Building Mastery

• Money Management: Fortune Building Key from Great Zimbabwe

• Five Things Entrepreneurs Do that the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not

• What are the 8 Key Empowerment Principles?

• Cautionary Tales from Celebrities, Lottery Winners, and Families with Inheritances

• Setting Up a Business

• The Inner Game of Success: Fortune Building Key from the Ancient Egyptian Priests

• What is Marketing? Why do you need to be able to do it?

• The Plan: The 14 Year Wealth Journey and the Shortcuts

• Second Generationing It

• What is Affiliate Marketing?



• Beginners wanting to master wealth building and entrepreneurship but do not know where to start

• Students needing to earn more money to afford college fees

• Workers tired of being told what to do

• Adults intending to set an entrepreneurial example to their children

• Creatives seeking to create their own life path

• Single parents wanting to work from home

• Elders seeking a new life challenge

• Activists wanting a structured blueprint to empower the community

• People in Africa, South America, and the Caribbean, wanting to earn ‘First World’ income

• Finally, anyone looking for extra income



Robin Walker, author of Black Wall Street, is the leading Black Studies educator of the last thirty years. He has educated thousands of adults through his History & Wealth, Personal Development, Black History, and African Studies programmes. He is the author of the classic When We Ruled and the best sellers: The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street and Black British History: Black Influences on British Culture 1948 to 2016. He appeared in the documentaries: The African History of Sport, Ancestral Voices 2, and Hidden Colors 4.



Will the classes be recorded?

All classes are recorded, so even if you can’t attend a class or miss it live, you can always catch up and watch it later. Recordings of each class are made available for rewatching a few days after the live class on Sunday ( normally on Wednesdays ).


What if I join the course after the 7th May?

For those joining after the first live class, links to recordings of all the previous classes you may have missed will be sent to you, so that you have access to the full course content and can study and learn at your leisure.


Will there be notes on this course?

Yes, each class comes with course notes and a pdf document of the slides featured in the class.


Will there be Course work?

Yes, for participants to get the most out of the course there is an activity and ‘home work’ to be done during the week after each class. The best way to learn wealth building skills is to plan, practice, take action and ask questions.


Will I receive a certificate for taking this course?

Yes, for those of you who take the whole course, you will receive a certificate after it has be completed.


Can I take an individual class instead of the whole course?

Yes, you can take classes individually, they cost £12 each ( minus Eventbrite fees ). The current live class may come up on your feed, if not you can visit:


There you will find links to each of the individual classes Eventbrite pages where they can be purchased.