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Nov 29

FREE Public Speaking Masterclass in London

November 29, 2023 @ 7:00 pm


About Event:

The group will be capped at 15 participants


Osmani Centre, 58 Underwood Road, London, E1 5AW



(Limited number of places available, please note that to guarantee a place in this event you have to book a place)


Workshop overview:

The workshop revolves around a hands-on approach, where participants engage in various practice-based activities to enhance their public speaking skills. It kicks off with invigorating voice and breathing exercises, enabling participants to harness their vocal power and project confidence. Through a series of improvised speaking exercises, individuals are encouraged to think on their feet and articulate their thoughts effectively.


Moreover, participants are provided with invaluable opportunities to deliver impromptu speeches, bolstering their self-assurance and ability to think quickly. Following these activities, a group discussion ensues, shedding light on the speakers’ existing strengths, further fueling their confidence, and subsequently identifying potential areas for improvement.


We wholeheartedly embrace the power of vulnerability and firmly believe that it is a remarkable strength, rather than a weakness. It is when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable that we lower our defences and communicate in a profoundly authentic manner, forging genuine connections with others.


About our teachers:

Since 2019, We have been organising and facilitating workshops, accumulating extensive experience in the field. With over 3,000 individuals trained through our programs, we have honed our expertise in guiding participants towards personal growth and development. Our dedicated team of instructors conducts regular workshops and courses, equipped with a diverse range of knowledge in meditation and mindfulness techniques. Their unwavering passion for understanding human psychology and behaviour adds depth and insight to our workshops, ensuring a transformative learning experience for all attendees.

Our coaches are also official TEDx Public Speaking Coaches & work with TEDx organisers to prepare the speakers who will delivering their TEDx Talks.


Testimonials from past students:

Created an environment that encouraged candour and vulnerability among the attendees. This made the experience more enjoyable and helped them all to learn from each other’s experiences – Fiacre Baidoo

What can I say?!!! This workshop was amazing. It truly allowed me to not be overwhelmed stepping into this new found career of mine. Fred and Gordon are phenomenal at what they do, truly gifted. I would not hesitate at all to sign up especially when you are finding your feet in public speaking! – Jessica Shulungu


Check out our Google Reviews for more.


More on Our Philosophy:

Our mission extends beyond the realm of public speaking improvement. We strive to contribute to the creation of a more transparent and connected society, fostering meaningful connections among individuals. In a society that often celebrates external achievements, we recognize the importance of embracing all aspects of our authentic selves. While conventional notions of confidence portray it as polished, smooth, and charismatic, we understand that true confidence encompasses much more. It begins with curiosity, fueling our desire to explore and learn, leading us to believe in our potential and embracing our unique qualities. Through this journey, we cultivate the courage to be vulnerable and genuine, expressing our humanness without fear.


Contact details:


Email: hello@believeingreatness.org

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“Embark on a transformative journey of self-improvement and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.”


58 Underwood Road London E1 5AW United Kingdom
58 Underwood Road London E1 5AW United Kingdom E1 5AW United Kingdom


Believe In Greatness
+44 7853-718-468
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