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29th February, 2024



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11:00 AM – 12.00 PM

Navigating Through The Webinar: Discover Life Science Careers!

Welcome to “Discover Life Science Careers!”. This is the ultimate webinar for those serious about developing career opportunities in life Sciences. In this session we’ll look at the ever-changing world of life science jobs, with a real focus on what you can do in science background. Our webinar hopes to illuminate some of the possible career roads, clear up misconceptions about working in life sciences and talk over all the diverse opportunities and challenges that exist. Our eminent commentators will offer targeted advice for graduates and professionals working in the life science industry. Come with us. This is a full exploration of your driven futures in jobs. Don’t pass up this opportunity. Your accelerated tech career begins here!

Insights of the Webinar

Discover Life Science Careers - Stunited Webinar

Different Domains in the Field of Life Science

Possible Employers in the UK

Possible Employers in the
United Kingdom

Legal Challenges - Land Your Dream Tech Job: Accelerator Strategies

Legal Challenges

Personal Branding - Land Your Dream Tech Job: Accelerator Strategies

Importance of Personal Branding

Who Is This For?

This exclusive webinar, titled “Discover Life Science Careers,” is designed to cater to individuals aspiring to pursue professional prospects in the dynamic field of Life Sciences in the United Kingdom. Immerse yourself in this thoughtfully curated session, aimed at providing you with comprehensive industry insights and empowering you to navigate a successful career trajectory. Acquire invaluable guidance on navigating the intricacies of the industry landscape and equip yourself with the essential tools to position yourself as the preferred candidate among job seekers. Elevate your prospects and capture the attention of potential employers by participating in this engaging and interactive event.

29th February, 2024

11:00AM – 12:00PM

Duration: 1 Hr

What will you get by Attending the Webinar?

Alongside plenty of knowledge on the mentioned topic and an Attendance Certificate, we will provide all the attendees with our Personal Branding Package for absolutely FREE of COST!

Meet Our Hosts

Divya dommeti - Discover Life Science Career - Stunited.org - UK

University of East London - Stunited.org  Divya Dommeti:
University of East London

Medical Coder, Cognizant, India
Pharmacist, Apollo Hospitals,


University of East London - Stunited.org Kavya Goud Godisela
University of East London

SDS Associate, Amazon Development Centre, India


University of East London - Stunited.org Swetha Katiki
University of East London

Assistant Sales Intern,
United Kingdom


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